The Most Important Right Is…

Every chance I get, I ask an elected official or candidate for elected office, which of the enumerated rights in the US Constitution is the most important and why?

Here then is a collection of the answers I have received in the 2014 Election cycle:

Assemblyman TimDonnelly, GOP Candidate for Governor


Neel Kashkari, GOP Candidate for Governor


Sheriff Steve Moore, Incumbent – San JoaquinCounty Sheriff


Deputy Pat Withrow, Candidate – San Joaquin Sheriff


Scott Calkins, Candidate, Stanislaus CountyBoard of Supervisors, Dist 3


Tom Letras, Candidate, StanislausCounty Sheriff


Adam Christian, Incumbent, StanislausCounty Sheriff


Manuel Martin, Candidate, Assembly District 9


Supervisor Terry Withrow, Incumbent District 3 Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors


Supervisor Dick Monteith, Incumbent District 4 Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors


Dave Lopez, Candidate Stanislaus County District 4 Board of Supervisors


Birgit Fladager, Incumbent District Attorney, Stanislaus County


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