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Because It’s There

It is one of those days. So much news and so much to do that it’s hardly possible to even know where to start. with breathless anticipation, the announcement came early this morning to my local news that Robert Mueller was going to hold a presser. “This is it!” so many screeched on Social Media.

Meanwhile a Ferry hit a Grey (or possibly Gray) Whale just off Seattle, and when we weren’t hearing about what Mueller was getting ready to say we were told that they wanted to spare us the graphic details of the Ferry hitting the whale, but the Coast guard was suspending the search for the now presumed dead whale. The ferries, however, were still running on time and there was no concern about any damage to the boat.

On Mt Everest yet another ill-considered attempt to summit the Mountain has failed in death. The rush to turn what is supposed to be a wonderful journey of discovery and self-introspection into a tourist trap is really the problem. The need to do things quick and easy is ruining what was once a magnificent accomplishment.

And the need to rush to an opinion about Mueller is what the media and Talk Radio do. Maybe it’s time to slow down and spend the journey learning and thinking instead of just rushing to get to the top of the opinion peaks?


The Superb Owl Pre-Flight show

It’s the Superb Owl Pre-Flight Show!

Dave takes a look at tomorrows “big game,” and gives you his utterly worthless and in no way, shape or form remotely accurate prediction. Remember, kids, this is for entertainment purposes only, not for betting.

Elsewhere, the memo was released. Has anything changed?

Not really… it’s just another example of how Government works. From the world of politics, two other stories over the past week give us insight into the way Government works. More precisely, it shows us how those in government react when they get caught doing something amazingly stupid. and how they don’t really have any interest in solving problems, just talking about them…

It’s a LIVE Saturday evening episode of Plausibly Live on the Podcast 99 internet Radio Network.

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