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17 Fully Executed Coffee Cup Maneuvers


So… here’s the thing. This is a show about me. It’s about what I think about things, from news, politics, and life in general. It’s about what I believe.

I have never and will never tell you that if you don’t think or believe as I do that you are not worthy of friendship or at the very least, kindness. If you don’t like what I say, don’t listen. If you want your own show to say what you want to say, drop me an eMail and I will be happy to set you up with your own Podcast 99 show. If you want to discuss my opinions and beliefs with me, do me the courtesy of doing it from a facts based direction, don’t call me names because you don’t like what I believe. Read the rest of this entry


The Officer of the Deck

Why is there so much effort being expended to “increase voter participation?” In King County, there is an idea being implemented to make vote-by-mail ballots postage free. Or more precisely, pre-paid postage. Presumably, the funding will come from the vast resources the County has that it is not already spending on addressing the “homeless crises” by shaking down Amazon and others.

Seriously though, why all this effort to increase turnout by making voting so easy that even a dead person could do it? Oddly enough, it turns out that nearly one-third of ALL Washington State voters live in King County. And virtually all of those belong to a single party. Any guesses as to which one? Now the Secretary of State is asking for $2 Million to make the postage-paid ballot State-wide for the 2018 mid-term election. If the State goes ahead and does that, will King County then object to having to pay for their own ballots?

The Officer of the Deck aboard USS Fitzgerald will face Special Court Martial for dereliction of duty that resulted in the deaths of seven sailors when the ship collided with a merchant vessel last spring. On the surface, I have no real issue with this. My concerns lie in three directions. First, what defense could be offered that makes any sense whatsoever? Second, will gender enter into the question? Lastly, what happened to the Good of the Service?

Youth Were Never More Sawcie

In the early 1970’s, Congress passed an amendment to the Voting rights act to stop States from limiting who could vote based solely upon their age, specifically for those who were old enough to fight in Vietnam, but not old enough to vote for the leaders who were sending them to Southeast Asia.

Many people objected based on the same old ideas that young people have never been more sawcie and saucie. President Nixon was concerned that the amendment would not pass Constitutional muster, and that might endanger the entirety of the Voting Rights Act. He signed it, but he wasn’t totally onboard with it. Read the rest of this entry

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