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And so it begins… Snowmageddon 2019, the Storm of the Century is upon us here in the PACNORWEST!

Major League Baseball has announced a change in nomenclature. Traditional words are now verboten, as it is believed that I am too much of a snowflake to handle the traditional verbiage. 

The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) was there for me when I needed them. My Grandfather had been a life member of the DAV, and it was they who showed up to his funeral to deliver the 21 gun salute to a Veteran who had passed on. My experience in making my original claim was completely positive and I was deeply impressed with my VSO’s (Veteran’s service Officer) knowledge and ability to navigate the system.

As I sat in the main meeting hall at the Chapter 5 DAV on Saturday my thoughts traveled back over the years. The DAV was a “no brainer” for me, but what about the other Veterans Service Organizations? As a ‘younger” Veteran myself, why was it that I was not at all interested in participating or being a part of these worthy organizations? and why do they continue to struggle to attract younger Veterans today?

I have some ideas about it…




By my unofficial count, yesterday found the word “invasion” being batted about by virtually every Chat Show host in the country and the President during his remarks on the Immigration Crises. With apologies to John, in no way, shape or form does this surprise me. It actually hit me during the break yesterday, but I never got back to it. With the discussion of Wong, we found that one of the three limits placed on Birthright Citizenship is that Invaders, however that might be ultimately defined, is one of the limits. Read the rest of this entry

Deporting Veterans

A Latino Veteran with a solid record is slated for deportation. Secretary Mattis is told that a Chinese Veteran is not subject to deportation, but now faces being sent home to China. The headlines are loud and angry.

But is there more to the story?

Should person who serves in the US Military automatically get citizenship? Should they be protected from deportation due to their service? How does an illegal immigrant get into the Military to begin in the first place?

On this day in 1775, William Dawes was born. Later he would perform an invaluable service to his country. In 2017 a State Governor decided to ban people from his Social Media accounts. How are they related? Well… the US Supreme Court understands that a Town Crier is both necessary and important…

Dr. Richard Pan is a State Legislator in California. He believes that if YOU have a Social Media account, it should be HIS business to make YOU manage it to HIS satisfaction…

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