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Sea Stories Tuesday:Red Star Rogue

resstarrogueFor the first installment of “Sea Stories Tuesday,” we go back into the archive and talk with Ken Sewell, author of RED STAR ROGUE and ALL HANDS DOWN. These two books tell one grand story of the Cold War at its hottest. In 1968, two submarines were lost on opposite sides of the planet. On March 8th of 1968 in the Pacific, the Soviet K-129 was lost mysteriously no where near where she was supposed to have been. In the Atlantic, south of the Azores, theallhandsdown USS Scorpion sank on May 22nd after a special ops mission to monitor some Soviet ships acting strangely. But the story actually starts in January off of North Korea when the USS Pueblo is seized by North Korea.

Marine Sgt Rafael Peralta was killed in Fallujah in 2004. For his actions in grabbing a grenade to his body to save his fellow Marines, he was awarded the Navy’s highest decoration, the Navy Cross. But many felt (and still feel) that he should have been awarded the Medal of Honor. The family refused to accept his Navy Cross decoration until recently, when they decided that it was better to accept it and then carry on a old Naval tradition with it…

downloadOver the weekend Dave met author David Forsyth, who has written an exciting book, RETRIBUTION about an SSGN, the USS Florida. He plans to write more, and his story of how he started writing could be inspirational to all of the folks who have ever thought, “Hey, I should write a book…”

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The B-47 Spirit

B47_DF-ST-88-01015Joe Pruzzo of the Castle Air Museum joins Dave to talk about this weekends Open Cockpit Day, the four new Aircraft Exhibits, and why the B-47 is such a popular and important airplane.

Yesterday’s episode included short selections from the popular music of the 1780’s that would have been played and danced to as General Washington and the others waited for the Philadelphia Convention to get underway. One of the two pieces has a modern cover by one of Dave’s favorite artists.

El Niño is a’coming! Or is it? If it is, will it end the drought, or just extend our political inertia to not solve the Water Management problem?

Memorial Day is upon us again. Dave recalls the loss of one of his good friends in the Navy during the First Gulf War. The memories also include the Indy 500, Grandpa, Uncle Mick, and the loss of USS Scorpion on this day in 1968.



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Beer Extremists

The President opens his “Violent Extremism” summit at the White House by informing us that those Muslims who commit acts of violence are not Islamic. Is he correct? How can we test the issue to see?

Wreck of the Soviet Ballistic Missile Submarine K-129

Wreck of the Soviet Ballistic Missile Submarine K-129

John P. Craven died last week. He was a Navy Scientist who helped developed the Polaris Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile system which would eventually evolve into the TRIDENT I system on which Dave went to sea. Dr. Craven also helped find the USS Scorpion and the Soviet K-129 after each sank, and he knew pretty much everything that there was to know about the secrets of The Silent War.

The Ale Evangelist, Chris Dow, joins Dave to try and convince him that Beer is actually good. Will he succeed? Or does Dave resist his extremism in the name of Beer?

To Download this podcast, "Right Click" and "Save As..."

To Download this podcast, “Right Click” and “Save As…”

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