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The USS Michigan Reunion

The Reunion was a huge success. Seeing friends I hadn’t seen in 35 years was… well… amazing. These are just a taste of the main event…

On four of my six patrols (after my ships quals were complete) aboard USS Michigan, I was the Emcee for Halfway Night, with Larry Sloan as my producer. I cut my teeth being on a microphone in front of the crew. For me, this night was a coming full of the circle. Once again, in front of the shipmates I love and behind the microphone for them!

Larry Sloan and I. Larry was the producer of Halfway Night shows on the boat and put this event together just like the old days.

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The Aft Bilge

What does roughly thirty-five years mean to you?

On September 11, 1982, exactly thirty-seven years and nine days after the end of World war II, the Navy placed USS Michigan SSBN-727 into commission. I picked that “35” number because it was more or less in the middle of things for those of us who served aboard her Gold Crew in the 1980’s. Now, a bit over thirty-five years later, many of those men – along with family members – gathered in what turned out to be a very crowded room at a hotel in Silverdale, just minutes from our old home, to reconnect and to consider what those years have meant…

The After Bilge in Lower Level Missile Compartment was the most disgusting thing I have ever had to deal with. I cannot count how many times I would deal with it and then have to puke. I could never figure out why it was so nasty. Now, after seeing my shipmates for the first time since 1987, I know why it was so bad.

To say that it was a great event would be the understatement of the century. In so many ways it was more than a reunion, it was more like a family gathering.

I know, I know… we’re all supposed to be upset, angry and shouting at each other. It’s all phony. On BOTH sides. The only real issue for us in this issue of the illegal immigrant children is that now we have been told about it, we have to think about it and share our inflamed opinions with the world via Social Media while simultaneously condemning anybody who disagrees with our manufactured opinion as something evil or stupid or communist or tyrannical or whatever makes us feel like we successfully insulted somebody who dared disagree with the opinion we’ve been told that we MUST have.


The War of 1812

There’s a remarkable thing that happens when old friends meet up for the first time in decades. The reunion isn’t until tomorrow, but three of us sat down on Saturday afternoon at a local watering hole and it was almost like we’d just gotten off duty 31 years ago. well, except for the part where I didn’t actually know what was actually in the bottles of Listerine back then… More than three decades ago, our ship helped to change the world. Our presence, our mission, or accomplishment was seen in the fall of the Berlin wall and the Soviet Union. We were a part of that. The amazing thing to me is that all these years later, our beloved Michigan was once again, part of changing the world for the better.

We live in a world of instate gratification. whether you talk about the “Marshmallow Test” or the way we watch television, we have to have it and we have to have it RIGHT NOW! Nowhere is this more apparent than in our “debate” – which it isn’t – over our immigration system. It’s degenerated into nothing more than a pointless argument. Both sides are entrenched and will not budge on any point, no matter how trivial.

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