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Hillary Hates Puppies and Other Cute Furry Animals!!!!!

I guess the good news – if there is any – is that 48 hours from now it will all be over. Except that it won’t be will it?

img_3280Regardless of who wins, we are set for at least four years of accusations and counter accusations, investigations, special prosecutors, faux outrage and a complete and ToTaL lack of civility and cooperation. Each side will blame the other and say, “See, I told you so!” Within each party, their various sects and wings will blame each other and chaos will reign. Lifelong friendships will end, and family members will refuse to speak to each other for months, if not years.

There will be both pearl clutching and popcorn munching. And almost no actual governing.

By this point in this grand adventure, the only way you could possibly have been surprised by FBI Director Comey’s announcement – on Sunday no less – that the FBI would not be bringing any charges against Hillary Clinton after the new eMails were found, would be if you haven’t been paying attention or you’ve been reading too many fake stories that match your confirmation bias. The FBI’s announcement – on a Sunday no less – was as predictable as a sunrise, and I guarantee by this time tomorrow it will be the talking point of talking points. Nothing to see here, keep moving, go vote for Hillary.

Like I said, the only people surprised by this are people who got their hopes up because they aren’t really paying attention to what is going on.

For months, pundits on the Right have been screeching that we must ignore the polls. But now that many if not most of the polls seems to show Trump pulling closer (which, by the by, was a predictable as a sunrise) we are told that the polls are good as gold. Personally I remain convinced that Clinton will win and win big. The polls showed Romney closing, and it came to nothing. In fact, it wasn’t even close.  Read the rest of this entry


Standing Rock = Bunkerville

CubsRegardless of whether or not my team – or your team – is in it, this has been one of the best World Series’ ever. In fact, and I say this as a pretty hardcore Dodgers fan – this Series is better because my team – and frankly most of ya’ll’s team – isn’t in it. The compelling story of two teams long regarded as losers and/or cursed, managed by the two best managers in the entire game, with the shadow of Buck Showater’s tragic mistake hanging over them has made for interesting moves, strategies and discussion. Far beyond what we would normally get.

Many insiders have now admitted that from a pure baseball pleasure and from a financial position of all of MLB considered, it would be better for the Indians to win tonight. There was a reason that the movie, Major League, was set in Cleveland, and it wasn’t because of the long and rich tradition of winning Cleveland baseball. The Indians are every bit the snake bit franchise the Cubs are, but without the soft blue unis, the little cub logo and the lush green ivy of Wrigley Field. For much of the last Century they played in the old Cleveland Stadium – a well known cemetery of a ball park – so bad that it wasn’t even used in the film.

I know this much as a baseball fan – there is no way the Dodgers (or the Giants) could have provided this much interest or entertainment over the course of a seven game series. This might very well go down – depending on how tonight goes – as the “perfect” World Series. And I hope that it does. Read the rest of this entry

Laughing Might Kill You

Old_'75_clock_radioAs I write this, it’s 0624, and already it has been a… trying day. Not only are rumors swirling about the DOWNFALL OF KIM JONG UN (or Jong-Un or Jong-un), but Ben was up waaaay to early and can’t make up his mind about what he wants for breakfast… and we are out of milk. Of course.


I have been telling people this for years – any person who is standing by the side of the road with a “Please Help – Will work for Food” sign or any of its variants, is lying to you. It is always fun to SEE SOMEBODY LEARN THIS LESSON FOR THEMSELVES the hard way.

If I had a dollar for every person who has told me that they “will never listen again” or “don’t listen at all,” but then either text the show, or post on their Facebook about what they think about a particular topic about which we are talking, I’d be a very rich man. It’s even funnier when it’s a politician. They can’t not listen, because they think that at any moment I’m going to break into a diatribe about them personally. You know who you are, welcome to “The Three Hour Club.”

Whichever “farmer” is “most local” is kind of a moot point, since (a) THEY ARE BOTH MISLEADING ABOUT IT and (b) the DCCC has pulled out of the 10th District, saying its candidate, the other local farmer Michael Eggman has “no path to victory” in the race. The DCCC has decided to spend its money elsewhere. The Eggman campaign has been touting some unnamed and unspecific poll that says that he is “within single digits” of Denham, but even if that’s true (and I doubt it), what specifically is that digit? If it’s not close to r within the margin of error, it doesn’t brood the hope the eMails are proclaiming. I am waiting for today’s’ fund raising eMail from the Eggman Camp that will explain to me that the DCCC didn’t say that they see “no path to victory” and they still need monetary support for a campaign that has zero chance of winning. Frankly, they ran a terrible campaign (except for the 4th of July Parade float – serious Up-check there) that needs to be put down out of pure mercy at this point.

Do you know what Downtown Modesto needs to “draw more people and help businesses” in the area? Free Wifi! Of course, THEY STILL NEED AN ACTUAL PLAN to make it happen, as nobody seems to know if providing free wifi can be “financially self-sustaining (no) or whether its Governments job to provide it (also, no.)

Don’t know if you’ve been following the story about the McCann Troll? You’lll hopefully recall the little girl, Madeleine McCann who went missing on  family vacation in Portugal a few years back. No trace of the girl was ever found, and while there were “persons of interest,” no suspect was ever tied to the disappearance. For whatever reason, some people believed that the parents were involved, and thanks to 21st century technology, they were able to hide behind the internet and troll the parents for years. One such person was “outed” as a troll last week by an British Investigative Reporter who confronted the woman at her home. Days later she left her home, WENT TO A HOTEL AND COMMITTED SUICIDE. Now the Journalists are in some hot water – from the internet – for essentially driving this woman to kill herself. Many questions have been raised about the ethics of both sides in the matter. Should the Press have been the ones to confront her, or should it have been law enforcement? We will never know what drove her to the trolling to begin with, but a big factor in her continued attacks on the McCanns was being able to be anonymous. Should Twitter have either shut her down or given up her info earlier? Should she have been confronted at all? Britain doesn’t have our 1st Amendment, but would that even apply here in a case of what is clearly incitement? And what happens to the millions of other trolls that remain, safe behind their pretend aliases?

It’s a common complaint about living in today’s world – everything is going to kill me. from meat to vegetables to milk to medicine to driving and flying to walking and even salt. Now, believe it or not, LAUGHING TO TRYING TO KILL YOU.

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