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The King of Hearts



The new year gets started for real.

Out of the blue, Ben asked me a question: “Dad, why does the King of Hearts have a knife behind his head?” I didn’t know, but I live in the 21st Century when there are virtually no mysteries left. The story of why the King of Hearts has a knife behind his head is a wonderful example of how we forget things…

As the new Congress takes its seats, the arguments and debates begin again. It’s clear to me that there are very few Congress members, Left or Right, who actually understand or care about the whys and how’s the Constitution was created the way it was. I am starting to wonder if the entropic effects of our society have worn down the past to the point where we no longer know truths which were, once upon a time, self-evident?

For example, a Congressman from Tennessee – a State well versed in the ideas of liberty and history – has introduced the annual “Let’s get rid of the Electoral College” amendment. His spokesman said that the Electoral College was supposed to “prevent someone like Donald Trump” from being elected. Why does it never occur to these people that the Electoral College did exactly what it was intended to do – prevent the likes of Hillary Clinton from becoming President?


Don’t Be *That* House…

candy-corn-pumpkinsAh, Halloween is upon us, or as Ben said this morning, “Halloween is tomorrow night!!!!” And he meant it too, you know that by the fact that he yelled , “Exclamation Point!” Dave will have the Halloween tradition of “Don’t Be that House…”

Do be careful tomorrow night. whether you are driving or walking to Trick-or-Treat, the dark comes early and there are lots of kids and parents walking about. We don’t need anybody hurt or worse.

In the event that someone is killed, however, are those impromptu roadside memorials okay, or are they just a pain in the butt for the people who have to deal with them everyday?

There is a new male cheerleader at a local high school, which really isn’t all that remarkable when you consider that make cheerleaders have been a things for a long time. What’s different about this one, though, is that this time, the cheerleader in question doesn’t feel like he is a boy cheerleader. I don’t feel like middle class podcaster, I feel like I am a millionaire podcaster. Should the bank be required to give me money?

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