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Punishering The Frork

The boys are back for one last rodeo before the big move for Dave to the PACNORWEST.

Netflix has ruined watching television. How? They’ll explain it.

Is McDonald’s going to destroy the fork?

The move to Bremerton (no longer Tacoma) is going about as well as expected, which means that things are stressful and tragic at Dave’s house.

The Punisher is an anti-hero. Or an anti-villain. Depends on who you’re talking to at the moment. The point is his symbol, the skull with the long teeth is showing up everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Even at least one terrorist organization in the Middle East have adopted it, though they hate all things American.

John visits Modesto for a really good and fun cause.

That’s it for the boys until September. Enjoy the summer!


Packing My Books Up Is Hard

Packing up my books is always the hardest part for me. It’s depressing. In this case it’s harder than usual because I literally do not know when they will be unpacked. So I have to try and reasonably decide if there *might* be a reason to keep a particular book unpacked and move it with me in my baggage? Is there some obscure fact or reference that I *might* need over the next few months? Is there some entertainment that I might want?

You might think that far fetched, but remember, I once went to sea for a 90 day patrol with four – yes, four – cassette tapes. Neil Diamonds Love Songs, The Beatles Greatest Hits, Al Stewart’s Past, Present and Future, and one classical music tape. Three months later I had remembered the first line to the first verse of every song I’d ever heard in my entire life. When we got back, I dropped nearly $500 on cassette tapes. And I never went to sea again with less than 100 of them. 

Today would be different, of course, with iPods and MP3 players. Theoretically Kindles and laptops make it easier as well. But the truth is that I have hundreds of books that aren’t in any electronic format. And I live in them.

Now they’re getting into dozens of small boxes, stacked in the corner. Just like on the shelf, I know where each one is. But once they’re in the POD, I won’t see them for at least a month, maybe longer.

Believe me, it’s harder to pack them up than anything else I do…

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