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PACNORWEST Briefing #1

I wanted to drop an update an let ya’ll know how things are progressing up here in the land of trees and incredibly poor drivers.

Cami started her job today at the Bremerton Naval Hospital. Needless to say, I am thrilled about it, although when we showed up this morning to get her pass and ID, the office was closed because the Sailors who were supposed to be there were “late.” This is a new concept to me, as I was always under the impression that the one thing we Sailors could not be was “late.” Nevertheless, she finally made it in and I went off to my job working on the management side of Real Estate.  Read the rest of this entry


It’s Official

And so it is now official.

For pretty much the last two years I’ve been talking around it and saying that it was going to happen, but usually something would come up. Last year it was the knee replacement and the nearly year long recovery from that.

But now, it’s official.

My last day in California will be May 31, 2017.

Rainier, not Shasta

The movers are scheduled, the numerous tasks to be completed are all laid out and outlined. The house is filled with boxes and plastic tubs and rolls of packing tape. It’s done, it’s official.

There are still two major points up in the air. One of which I have no control over, the other based on what that one turns out to be. So I feel kind of unstable, but I also know that we have three or four backup plans, so it will be okay.

My plan is to get at least two shows a week through the move and while we are in transit. I have a pretty good mobile setup and frankly, I have to believe that sitting down and recording will be something of a stress relief for me. The quality of sound may suffer a bit, but as long as it doesn’t get too bad I’ll be there.

I will also blog when I can’t record.

I feel like every time we really get rolling (4000+ downloads last month, 56,000 overall) I end up having to take a break. I know it sucks. This move is for the best. Even if it were just because California seems dead set on chasing every last non-progressive or government largess recipient out of the State, it would still be good to near our Children and Grand-Children.

I’m having a time with it though, because California has become my home. Specifically the Central Valley. I came here, literally on my birthday, in 1998. I have never lived in one area longer in my life. I have really never been as “at home” anywhere as I have been here. To say that I’ll miss it is an understatement. At the same time, when I came here I planned to stay for three years. Here I am almost two decades later (35% of my life) and it’s time to leave and go where I called home before.

When I last left Tacoma in 1987, it was a much different world, and it has been my joy to spend so many of the changing years here in the Great Central Valley of California. As my good friend, Zack, put it the other day, I will always be “209 Proud.”

So, bear with me over the next six to twelve weeks. I will put out as much content as I can and I will continue to encourage and produce other Podcast 99 shows as well.

Thank you again to all the amazing people who listen and read and text and comment here in the greatest place I’ve ever lived.


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