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A Crimson Tide Thanksgiving

I could talk about news and politics, but the reality is that nothing is gonna change, it’s the Holidays. Plus, I am still waiting for the “Distraction” story to hit…


For much of my life, I never really got the chance to enjoy the Holidays. When you get a chance to help someone less fortunate, it feels good. When it’s your job, year in and year out, it gets… well… it can’t help but jade you. Even the worst year ever for me I thought I’d found a chance to set things right, but even that left me… well… jaded… It’s why I try to enjoy the Holidays as much as I can. I do stuff, go places, see things and visit people. All the corny stuff that we see in commercials. What I don’t do is spend a lot of money, but I would if I could.

Oh, and I have five programs that I watch every year, starting this week with the greatest Thanksgiving moment in the history of Television…


Recent news reports have indicated that the leading US General, with responsibility for nuclear weapons, has made it clear to President Trump that he will “defy to carry out an illegal nuclear strike,” presumably ordered by President Trump.

Now, there’s a couple of things here. First of all, OF COURSE HE WOULD DEFY AN ILLEGAL ORDER! Sorry for yelling.

What isn’t discussed in the article, and as far as I can see what the General did not even hint about, is how come HE (the General) gets to decide if it’s an illegal order or not? Did you get that? I want you to THINK about it for a minute. If a General today can decide what’s legal and not, how come the Generals couldn’t do that, say, six, sixteen or even twenty years ago? Or… could they?

Or is the General answering a question he thinks the reporter is asking but really the reporter is writing a story about an answer he thinks is about something the General never said or meant? Huh?

Back in the early 1990’s there came a Hollywood version of this same scenario, which, naturally, glorified the bucking of the system and emphasized the evils of the system. But it was also Hollywood and made for one of the worst films ever from the standpoint of accuracy and plot. It did, however, have an awesome soundtrack.

So what should you consider when you read about this General who says he would “defy” Trumps “illegal” nuclear strike order? Is it as simple as the President is insane and we shouldn’t obey him? Or is there a bit more at work here?


Are Police the new Lobsterbacks?

The video of the Chicago Police shooting a man in the street is both disturbing and instructive. When we consider the history of the powers of policing in the country, we can quickly see that something is amiss today. What is that something?

The British never fully understood the American Revolution, nor our claim that we were oppressed. In their view, they were simply providing for the safety and security of the Colonies by using police powers to maintain good order and safety.

Even today, Americans tend to proclaim government oppression, but is it really? Or is it more, like the Revolutionary Patriots, a forward looking understanding that a failure today to limit government acts that are oppressive in nature will lead to further tyranny and abuse?

As we give thanks for our nations and our blessings, let us also consider how we can each help restore a spirit of virtuous citizenship in our country.

Thank You

Every now and again, I seem to take for granted a couple of things. First, I live in the 21st Century, when medical treatment has advanced to the point where we almost take surgery as an everyday occurrence – which it is, just not for each of us individually. This morning, we are off to the hospital to take my eldest daughter, who came own for Thanksgiving and ended up staying for more than two weeks with an emergency gall bladder removal, to have the surgery finally done and get her back home and back to work. I know that it is a “simple” operation and all of that, but as the wind blows outside and the day looks dreary, I can’t help but think that I don’t want to take the effort of the surgeon for granted. I know that he will do a great job, and all will be well. I just don’t want to take it for granted.

I get the job of keeping Ben distracted and out of the way today. So we’ll have some fun and see things we haven’t explored yet.

Secondly, I want you the listeners and readers to know that I don’t take you for granted either. There were so many notes and messages this week of well wishes and concern that it is impossible to try and respond to all of them. Please know that I appreciate them and your kind thoughts and prayers. Every day I have the privilege of telling you what I think about things, and so many of you you do me the courtesy of listening and reading it. I made the choice a long time ago to share personal things about my life and days with you, so that you will understand that I am who I am, even when it’s not the most pleasant person to be around. It is enormously comforting to me to know that I can share my life with you and know tt so many of you are both interested and care about what is happening to me.  Even when we disagree, I want you to know how very important each and every one of you are to me personally. without you, agree or disagree, there is no show. And long after there is no longer a radio show, I will still be here to let you know what I think.

Thank you. Read the rest of this entry

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