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A Tax Too Far

There are a lot of things that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. The Pyramids of Giza, the Fjords of Norway, the Lights of Paris, The Mariners win a World Series, the Seattle City Council backing away from a tax so fast it’s dizzying. 

For all of that, one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen now includes the President of the United States shaking hands with the leader of North Korea.

I have no clue who Ankit Panda is, but he’s forcing me to see myself and my own biases in a mirror. Why? Well… he’s already writing (on CNN, of course) that the Trump-Kim Jong-Un summit is a complete and total failure.

The City of Seattle is running away from the Head Tax faster than a vegan who accidentally walks into a McDonalds. Why? Because at the end of the day, when socialist utopian dreams meet the hard cold asphalt of reality, something has to give. While Socialism can and usually does try to force its way, even the City Council of Seattle realized that this time they’d gone a tax too far.


The Bigger A**Hole

Down in Fresno, the debate over what is and what is not “Free Speech” continues to boil over, thanks to Randa Jararr. Oddly enough, simply by putting that name into the Facebook post discussing what she said and the reactions to it, the Facebook algorithm will automatically pounce on it and limit the showing of the post to a grand ToTaL of roughly nine people.

(By the by and as a complete aside, that is why you should be following me on Twitter (@DaveBowmanShow), because Facebook assumes that anybody it has identified as “conservative” who mentions Randa Jararr is automatically going to make fun of her looks or criticize her positions and complain about her self-identification a rather controversial “Muslim-American.”)

Which, when it comes back around, is really what we are talking about – what exactly is “free speech” and who has it?

The City of Seattle has hit on the idea of a “Head Tax” to “address homelessness” which many of its City Council Members believe has been exacerbated by a growing tech boom. You see, if only these companies coming to Seattle wouldn’t pay people so much, rents (and Real Estate) wouldn’t be so expensive and there wouldn’t be as many homeless people. So their plan is to drive up the costs of businesses. That’ll show them!


I’ll Take “Experts on Protective Tariffs, for $200,” Alex

william-mckinleyA County Clerk in Kentucky has decided that her version of the Deity is better than anybody else’s and that she personally can enforce her religious rules on everybody else. She is a PUBLIC servant putting her religion into the GOVERNMENT business. It’s no different than those who want YOUR child to pray THEY want them to pray. By the By, even Justice Scalia agrees, SHE SHOULD ISSUE THE LICENSES OR QUIT.

SB 350 is hitting a good deal of opposition from an unexpected group – so-called “Moderate” Democrats. They object to the idea that the bill would allow CARB unrestricted control over the plan to reduce gasoline usage by 50%. The bill is being supported by Hospitals (of all people), but if the Democrats insist on pursuing this, they face a potential disaster in future elections. Maybe.

Michael Tubbs has announced that he is going to run for Mayor of Stockton. The problem is that nothing that Tubbs has done in his three years on the Council would indicate that he is mature enough to run. Meanwhile the Ports on the verge of the playoffs while the Nuts are – as always – on the edge of mediocrity.

Seventy years ago today, the Japanese Empire formally surrender to the Allies.

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