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90 Degree Day

The recent shooting of another African American man holding a cell phone in the dark inevitably leads to the one thing that I get in the most trouble for saying: the 2nd Amendment is not and has never been about fighting against the US Army.

It isn’t the US Army who is violating the fundamental rights of the citizen.

Even so, why exactly is it that after such a shooting there seems to be so little accountability? Is there no holding sworn officers to a higher standard? What role has the legislative process played in the problem? Is there a solution?

In the only move even more predictable than Russians expulsion of Diplomats, China, which we call Red China, has retaliated with tariffs on numerous US exports, including nuts and wine. You know… major California exports…

Kim Jung-Un was “deeply moved” by the performance of K-Pop group “Red Velvet.” Does this really change anything? 


The Austin Bomber




The Austin bomber is dead. The Maryland school shooter is dead. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a great deal of chatter about it. We have much to unpack from both incidents yesterday and this morning. Including some questions about things that went barely noticed in the reports I have seen.

Trumps tariffs might be backfiring already.

And it is International Downs Syndrome day…

Tim, Trump, Tariffs and Things

Today I am joined by Tim Preuss of The Tim Preuss Podcast.

When I “met” (in the sense of the internet and how we “meet” people in the 21st Century), Tim and his show were located in Wisconsin, the heart of America where the real Americans live. Like me though, he pined for the fjords, wait… that was just me and Cami. Read the rest of this entry

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