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Free Speech Earns a $300 Fine

What happens when a government official attempts to use his or her positional authority to silence a critic of the government? Isn’t this the very reason for the 1st Amendments protections of free speech in the first place?

Kuper-free_speechIn the City of Stockton, critique of the situation that led to the city’s 48th homicide in 2015, appears to have boiled over to the point that a government official has resorted to using the power of government to intimidate and punish someone expressing their opinion about the City’s Police and Leadership. 

When that line is crossed, what should the response of the City Government be? And do people realize the similarities between the British soldier of 1773 and the situation in Stockton?

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Obama Has Cancelled XMAS!!!!

factfiles_lion_01A series of weekend stories serve to remind us that our emotions are being manipulated by the media. Especially the so-called “new media” of social media and the Interwebs. From Jericho the Lion, Geoffrey the bear in Sacramento, the USS Gabrielle Giffords, the ToTaLly fake AB-69 and workplace names story to the outrage over the charges being brought against a Navy Officer for shooting a terrorist in Chattanooga. All of these stories should remind us to be on guard and to think.

Alas, they will not.

Why? Because there is no accountability for posting and printing a fake story. Worse, the standard AHT operation is to post the fake story and them claim credit for stopping whatever was claimed was going to happen by publicizing it and getting people all riled up.

Pat the Lawyer and Chatroom Jeff stop by and take a look at the latest lawsuit filed in Stockton over the Bank Robbery Hostages from last year. If the victim is correct, could the Stockton PD have saved lives by not chasing the suspects?

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