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Ending Fake News, Farming and Driving in California

_92276035_istock_19861919_mediumWhat if the actual definition of “Fake News” is not that the “news” in question is fake, per se, but rather that it is insulting or critical of the subject of the story? Seriously, by this point in time, if you cannot spot a “fake” news story, you pretty much have to have the brains of Jello®. So why all the hoopla over the fake news now? Is it because “fake news” cost Hillary Clinton the election? Of course not. Again, you’d have to be a dolt to believe that more than 60 Million people all fell for a meme. What if the real reason behind the attack on the 1st Amendment – remember, lying is in most cases protected by the 1st Amendment – is about silencing opposition? Is it really about politics or is there something a bit more nefarious at work here? Read the rest of this entry


Disobedient Eating and Thought Crimes

1984factsA few years back we read and discussed the George Orwell book, “1984, at the Book Guild. While it was certainly easier to accept the idea of an all-powerful government monitoring our every word, it was only later, with the Snowden revelations of PRISM and other domestic spying programs that caused us to re-evaluate the violations of the 4th Amendment, let alone to consider why exactly the government would see the need to “protect” us by spying on us.

As bad as the spying is – and let me say here that whether I think that Snowden is a hero or a criminal, I cannot un-know what I now know about what the government is and continues to do – perhaps even worse is the fact that governments which have long stood for freedom and individual rights, and even liberty, are more and more inserting themselves into our lives with what can best be described as “Thought Police.” More and more we are being told not only what TO think about tuff, but also HOW to think and wrong thinking/speaking is being attacked as viciously as any enemy you can name. Read the rest of this entry

It Should Be Crystal Clear Now

140528_thad_cochran1_605aIt should be obvious now, after the Mississippi GOP Primary runoff, that the Establishment “Van Pelt” GOP will do anything – and by that I mean literally anything, to stay in power. The simple and undeniable fact is that Thad Cochran needed, courted and SOUGHT OUT DEMOCRAT VOTES to defeat the evil “Tea Party” challenger. Just let that rattle around for a second… the Party that demands that Conservatives supports its candidates no matter what because “otherwise you’re just voting for the Democrat,” went and bought 35,000 Democrat votes for itself instead of letting registered Republicans decide on who their nominee would be. For those of you who continue to support the Van Pelts’ can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and accept that this is what the GOP that you personally believe in has become? Don’t tell me about the other side and its evils and foibles. You are the ones who talk about character and morals and ethics and principles. This Mississippi election says to me that those are nothing more than words. That the GOP, run by the Van Pelts, is not about any of those things. It’s about power. Period.

The new State Budget, which spends more than ever, is noticeably deficient in a major area – the Courts. One has to assume that the oversight is intentional, since the Democrat Party wrote this turd of a budget and pushed it through without the need of even a single GOP vote. Now we learn that the BUDGET FOR THE COURTS IS LESS THAN HALF of what is needed just to maintain the status quo of cases being handled. Think about what that means to those of you who are in the process or who are looking for justice. The Democrats would rather fund social programs that than the Courts.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a big University of Oklahoma Football fan. My Grandmother Bowman – of blessed memory – wanted me to attend OU and play there, and I would have dearly loved to have gone to play there. So I have some emotion involved here. I am not the biggest Bob Stoops fan, I feel like he has a reputation for under-preparing for the biggest games. But he just got a big raise and will now BE PAID OVER $5 MILLION A YEAR to coach the Sooners. He might be worth every cent in football terms. But what does it say that tuition to State Universities keep going up, and the HIGHEST PAID FACULTY MEMBERS are, with a few exceptions, athletic coaches?

We mentioned the tip we had yesterday about seventeen search warrants being executed for home marijuana grows. HERE IS THE REPORT detailing the searches and the arrests.

Here’s a great way to not build a tax base. Stanislaus County has seen a decrease in children, but a 12% increase in Senior Citizens living in the area, according to new data RELEASED BY THE CENSUS.

Turns out that investors looking for States to put their money into, find that our fellow State far to the East, Texas, OUTPACES CALIFORNIA BY SOME $33 BILLION.

One of the reasons that I so love this area and this community is that when there is a need, we step up and meet it. When we read the story on the are the other day about the woman who had died and had nobody to make any arrangements, we had several texts of offers to help, up to and including a fully paid for burial plot, which we passed on to the Coroners Office. Turns out there was a slight mix up and they weren’t really looking for donations, BUT THIS COMMUNITY WAS THERE anyway. You can talk to me about lists and TV Crime dramas and whatever real problems we have all you want. But this is what makes this area so wonderful. 

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