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A TiTanic Paradox

Ben loves to play “Would You Rather?” It’s a game where he postulates two – usually absurd – scenarios that are generally unrelated and asked which one you would rather do. Yesterday it was this:

“Dad, would you rather go back in time top your worst mistake and fix it; or go back to 1912 and ride the TiTanic, but you know that you will get into a lifeboat?”

It’s really a rather profound question from a seven-year-old. Sure, I have my regrets surrounding my “worst mistake,” but as was pointed out on my Facebook feed, I wouldn’t be here if that hadn’t happened. In fact, I can postulate a scenario where if I don’t make that mistake, my life today is really screwed up. On the other hand, it would have saved me a bought of clinical depression and alcohol abuse. Read the rest of this entry




The Steinle verdict has the entirety of the political right abuzz. Anger, frustration, screeching and fingers being pointed are the typical responses.

Which means that General Patton was right – When Everybody is thinking the same thing, nobody is thinking.

At. All.

So what happened? Did the Jury nullify? Did the Prosecution over-charge and/or under prosecute? Were the Jury members an OJ Simpson Jury level of stupid?



But for all of that, was this THE most important thing to come out of a Court this past week that will effect liberty and freedom in The United States?

Of course not… That might have come from a local Judge in Indiana, who decided that Teavana, a company owned by Starbucks, should have to follow her order and not do something in its own best interest. Remember, a Government that can tell Starbucks how to run its business, can tell you how to run yours… 


In post World War II, the incidents of sexual attacks and misconduct exploded in France. Now you might think that things would have been worse under the occupation, but it was after the Germans were driven out that things got really bad for women.

When you take a look at why it happened, your eyes might open up a bit as to why this conduct seems to have taken a hold here in America…


Reports of Accidental Discharge Acknowledged by Sig Sauer
Lawsuit filed by injured Police Officer over accidental discharge
Comments and observations from an Alternate Juror on the Steinle Case

Sir Paul McCartney – English Tea
La Chant Des Partisans

Charity at the Point of a Gun

So a Tampa ubiquitous green themed coffee shoppe had a “record” setting 378 PEOPLE PAY IT FORWARD YESTERDAY. Not sure how I feel about these things. I rarely have the means to pay for somebody else’s order, so I am pretty sure that I had been #2 in the line, it would have ended there. I wonder how many of those 378 people felt similar to me, but also felt the peer pressure of a perky barista telling them about the number and how great it would be if instead of the $2 cup of coffee they wanted they paid $12 for the person behind them to have a Gianta coffaccino frappe with whipped cream and a double shot of vanilla espresso. What I am saying is that somebody got hosed on this deal. Combined with the uncomfortable and pushy ALS ice bucket challenge, it has me asking what happened to charity being a private thing instead of being shamed into giving to somebody else’s idea of what I should support? For the record, my charitable giving goes to the USSVI, and while I might ask people to support a project or event, it would never cross my mind to shame or embarrass anybody into supporting the causes I support. Things like this Tampa story make the news, but I wonder how many people it made feel oogy?

Shocker… a poll shows that Black and White America SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY when it comes to race and the Police. Rarely do these polls serve any purpose except to exacerbate the divide by “proving” that it exists in the first place, as if you needed a poll to tell you that. Little, if any, effort will be expended into finding out why the two side see things differently. Talking heads will tell us it’s because of whatever pet theory they have for explaining the “racial divide” in America, while the underlying problems go unaddressed. It’s all about creating the story, then covering the fallout. I guess one of the questions that needs to be asked is how come there are no camera teams combing the mean streets of Staten Island?

I had questions about the report from the beginning, especially after the video of the immediate aftermath came out, but now it is reported that officer Wilson DID NOT HAVE A BROKEN ORBITAL SOCKET bone. That does not mean that Brown did not attack him or that he suffered some facial injury, but the degree to which that injury occurred is far less than was being reported.

Remember Bell, CA? The people there were running a parasitical relationship with the local illegal immigrants. Turns out that FERGUSON MAY HAVE HAD THE SAME KIND OF SCAM going on, using the Municipal Court to rack up more than $2 Million in fines and fees from the 22,000 people who live there.

Giants fans were understandably upset earlier this week when the Chicago Cubs grounds crew appeared the intentionally screw up the tarping process during and after a rain delay. The Giants even protested the game – a rain shortened loss – and won the protest. They replayed the game yesterday, the Giants lost (good), but now it turns out that there may have been more than chicanery going on. It may be that the CUBS ARE CHEAPSKATES and cut their grounds crew back to below minimum staffing in order to save a few bucks. That’s an even better reason to have upheld the Giants protest, since the pennant race shouldn’t be decided by a mediocre team with more than a management problem.

Here come the moral equivalency arguments over the PLRI killing each other. In this case, SHI’ITES ARE NOW ACCUSED OF MASSACRING SUNNI’S in central Iraq. This conflict has been going on since long before there was a western democracy, and it isn’t going to stop because of the Presidents’ Noel Peace Prize

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