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Live from the Pacific Northwest, where Dave lives and John is visiting to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the boys are back and sitting down together literally minutes after John saw the film.

After a long discussion of travel, train wrecks, the RMS TiTanic and turkey, they will spoil the daylights out of it for you!

But first, they will warn you. Sternly and repeatedly to stop listening because they are about to discuss The Last Jedi. So once you get your warning (around 44:46) DO NOT LISTEN FURTHER unless you want to heard about Star Wars The Last Jedi.

Up to that point, you’re okay and you’ll have a delicious holoday helping of Dave & John and why Belsnickle needs to make a comeback to make Christmas “better…”


Star Wars Spoilers


i-78lwscg-copyA year after they were supposed to do it, Dave & John are back together to talk Star Wars. Both Episode VII and Rogue One!

The boys talk about what they thought of the two newest Star Wars flicks, which contain all the spoilers that Dave swore he would never talk about until he could talk about them with John.

Get your Star Wars geek on and enjoy as for the first time in three years Dave & John battle Sith Lords, plot lines metaphorical coconut crabs, Simon Phoenix, LA traffic and even the Ghost of Mazzy for the first time in three years!

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You Are Part of the Rebel Alliance and a Traitor!

121916-48985084-cachedI said the other day that countries throughout history, and most certainly the United States, have gone to strange and distant lengths to “interfere” in the elections – whether free and fair or not – of other countries. How odd is it that today – with absolutely NO PROOF of their accusations whatsoever – the Democrats stand accusing the Russians of doing so to us. Well… what did they think was going to happen (if it even did) after the Democrats interfered in the Russian elections?

For me, there is no doubt that Russia, along with China, North Korea, Greece, The Philippines, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Denmark and even Andorra are trying to hack us. No doubt whatsoever. Given that we know that and have known about the danger for many, many years, does it make sense for a Secretary of State to set up her own private server in her basement?  And for a President who knows that she’s done that to allow it? Read the rest of this entry

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