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The Good Old Days

Over the weekend, a Russian destroyer made a run at the USS Chancellorsville, nearly causing a collision between the two ships. This has much of the world in a tizzy, but the reality is that once upon a time this was a fairly common occurrence. If not common, at least not something about which governments and news agencies got their knickers in a wad over.

But the whole thing, along with the return of the Peace Protestors to the gates of Bangor, has Dave reminisces about his own time during the Cold War aboard USS Michigan SSBN-727(G). It was an amazing experience in a beautiful place…


The Navy Tests a Missile

Editors Note: All information contained in this podcast is either UNCLASSIFIED and appropriately sourced as such or is the Podcaster’s opinion based on open source media reports linked below. Nothing contained in this podcast should be construed to either confirm or deny any operational characteristic of the described operations or official US Navy positions.

Over the weekend two surprising things were seen in the sky. First, a UFO/Meteor/Navy Missile Test. Second, Rain!

TRIDENT_TESTOf course it was a Navy Missile Test, and while these things are not unusual, there’s a lot of confusion as to why and how the Navy conducts these tests. These tests are far more common than you might think, and indeed, on this date in 1962, one of the most awesome tests ever both validated the POLARIS A2 Missile and sent a big message to Comrade Khrushchev. In 198x, Dave himself participated in such a test aboard USS Michigan, also off the West Coast. In those days though, things were different…

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cutawayohioAs the Navy announces the new specifications for the “Ohio Replacement” Ballistic Missile Submarine, Dave reflects on his time aboard USS Michigan in the early to mid-1980’s when she was a brand new ship with the mission of keeping the world safe from nuclear war. For four years, she was Dave’s home and his job, and along with the greatest crew ever assembled, the ship did her part to not just keep the peace, but to end the Cold War.

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