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In The Line of Duty

If you thought that all the drama and angst over the 2016 election with its divided country and confusing rhetoric was over, stand by. The real political nonsense is just getting started. Over the next four year we are going to see allegations and investigations that will make the Benghazi stuff look tame. And each and every time someone says “That ain’t right,” it will be met with the excuse that “You did it to Hillary and Obama.”

Can you imagine what the next 50 years is going to look like with this back and forth tit-for-tat nonsense? It’s like a Star Trek episode where the guy who is black on the left side keeps chasing the guy who is black on the right side through time and space. All the country really wants is to have government that isn’t sticking its nose into every corner of our lives and taking all of our money, but instead what we get is The Magnificent Bickersons and more and more consolidation of power and authority.

Yay us.

Among the issues that the Military is facing is the question of whether or not suicides are to be considered “in the line of duty” or not. This is one of those sure to divide people issues, mainly because of the varying religious beliefs about the act of suicide and the general social phobias we have about talking about it. Read the rest of this entry


I Pretty Much Just Happen…

Secretary of Defense - Charles Timothy "Chuck" HagelSecretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is said to be resigning “under pressure”, presumably from the Present who is UNHAPPY WITH HIS TEAMS RESPONSE TO AN ONSLAUGHT OF GLOBAL CRISES. Well, gosh… I’m sure that people around DC are already lining up to be the next SecDef with plans to solve those Global Crises.

Now even Erik Erickson has noticed that THE GOP ISN’T ALL THAT UPSET ABOUT THE EXECUTIVE ORDER on Immigration. The GOP is more upset that they will get zero credit for this hideous idea, and watch over the next few weeks for stories to be leaked that there were even GOP Congressmen and Senators who privately encouraged the President to go forward with issuing the Order.

Sheriff Joe’s weird logic notwithstanding, the legal arguments over the limits of “prosecutorial discretion” are now beginning to surface from people who truly understand the issue. The arguments are compelling, but not Constitutionally strong. The fact remains that the Court and the leaders of our nation have for over two-hundred years agreed that the Executive has such discretion. And while there may be points where the Order can be challenged, such challenges are iffy at best in the arena of success. One such challenge may come from the OFFICE OF LEGAL COUNCIL’S OWN MEMO ON THE ORDER, in which it reminded the President that such discretion should best be exercised on a case by case basis. If it can be shown that the Order violates that – and as a reminder it does say “case by case” – then perhaps there could be an argument that the order exceeds the power currently seen as precedent. The problem, of course, is how do those who oppose the order show that it is not being applied on a case by case basis? Like I said, the likelihood of a successful challenge is very small, no matter how many self-proclaimed liberal “Constitutional Lawyers” Boehner brings in because lawyers on his own side won’t take the case. 

Saturday Night Live did a parody of the famous SchoolHouse Rock “I’m Just A Bill” video, with President Obama kicking Bill down the Capitol steps and introducing “I’m Just an Executive Order, I pretty much just happen.” Needless to say, leftists everywhere saw the humor in the skit, and laughed along with the nation at the political satire. At least you’d think that was what happened. In fact, the Washington Post did a “Fact Check” on the SNL Skit (Actual Headline: SNL SKIT SUGGESTS OBAMAS IMMIGRATION EXECUTIVE ACTION IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. That’s it… that’s the punchline. The skit itself was hysterical. The WaPo fact check was even better, taking great pains to point out that the President “did not sign an Executive Order, he signed and Executive Action!

Yep… I’m serious….

The Los Angeles Unified School District is going to pay out some $139 Million to end litigation over one of its teachers WHO DID AN AMAZINGLY GROSS AND CREEPY THING. Now, how much of that money is coming from the tax payer? Answer: all of it. How much will pervert teacher be responsible for? Answer: None of it. How long had he been doing disgusting and perverted things? Answer: as much as three decades and the LAUSD settled because it pretty much looks like they knew about it all along and did nothing, except tell the tax payers that they would need ever more money to “educate” the children.

Uh-oh. The “Raw Story” is miffed that the Smithsonian named its Top 100 Significant Americans, which included Presidents Lincoln and Bush, BUT NOT PRESIDENT OBAMA. And so, according to the Raw Story, “no one” cares about the Smithsonian’s list. Well, other than people with an actually understanding of history.

A Navajo Tribe has APPROVED A “JUNK FOOD TAX” ON ITSELF because obesity rates have as high as 60% among Tribe members. 

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