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Russian Pineapple

Unless you’ve been under a rock – and it’s entirely possible that you have been – you know about the two biggest issues facing the nation today. First, Robert Mueller is going to spend an aggregate total of five hours on Capitol Hill today not getting a chance to answer questions from Congress weasels who are genuinely interested in what he has to say and will in no way, shape or form use the opportunity to grandstand on camera by asking hard, piercing questions designed to show why the Congress weasel in question should be President of the United States. Then they will smile and nod seriously at whatever few sentences he manages to get out before the next Congressweasel interrupts him.

The other question that is quite literally tearing this nation apart is whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

You think that I jest, but that just proves what you don’t know. The fact is that the United States Government took time away from preparing for Robert Mueller’s five-hour snooze fest to prepare a document that can only be described as a political bombshell. it turns out that the Russians, yes, the same exact Russians that Robert Mueller was supposed to have been investigating for interfering with our election turn out to have been busy with nefarious plans to divide this nation over the question of pineapple on pizza! Not only that, but it turns out that the godless, borscht loving, communistic, still flying the Soyuz capsule Russian enemies DO NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT WHAT IS ON OUR PIZZA! All they want is to divide us and make us argue among ourselves about the very fabric of our favorite not-really-Italian food.

And there will not be a single question from anybody in Congress about it today. Not. One.

But they’ll run to the microphones after the testimony to tell us how deeply they care about issues that Americans care about.

Yeah… right…


The Good Old Days

Over the weekend, a Russian destroyer made a run at the USS Chancellorsville, nearly causing a collision between the two ships. This has much of the world in a tizzy, but the reality is that once upon a time this was a fairly common occurrence. If not common, at least not something about which governments and news agencies got their knickers in a wad over.

But the whole thing, along with the return of the Peace Protestors to the gates of Bangor, has Dave reminisces about his own time during the Cold War aboard USS Michigan SSBN-727(G). It was an amazing experience in a beautiful place…



Doesn’t it seem strange that after Thanksgiving, Navy Blue Thursday, Black Friday, small business Saturday, Football Sunday and Cyber Monday, we finally get around to “Giving Tuesday?” Even the idea of giving has become commercialized to the point where it needs its own day and marketing campaign…

Some members of the so-called “Migrant Caravan” decided to charge the border at San Ysidro, only to be repulsed with Tear Gas. Tear gas is forbidden to use in a war so this cannot be an “invasion.” But where do we go from here? Nobody has any answers, just a bunch of angry yelling…

Russia and Ukraine are at it again. Russia is just going to keep slicing off pieces of salami until it gets what it wants or they cross a red line that actually matters. The real question is whether or not we are willing to send our men and women into combat against Russia for Ukraine?

The landing on Mars reminds us that the spirit of exploration is alive and well, even if the challenges remaining to be overcome seem daunting…

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