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There Is Truth, But No Logic

We are losing our collective mind.

Three Hundred and Twenty Million of us are standing around and asking, “What the (obscenity deleted) is going on here?” A thousand people in the streets! They’re singing songs and they’re carrying signs, mostly say “Hurray for our side!”

Look at the goings on around you. Starbucks is going to do away with plastic straws to “help the environment,” by replacing the plastic straws with plastic lids that have a hole in them to drink through.

Lesbians block a Pride Parade to protest transgendered men being included.

The Government puts out a PSA urging parents to “put something important” in the back seat so that they won’t forget and leave their kids in the back seat.

We’re losing our minds. All we seem to have is hatred for the ‘other side,” whomever that might turn out to be.

And if we don’t find the logic in our truths, we’re going to find someday that we had nothing to build upon in the first place, other than our hatred of each other…



Rutherford B. Hayes

The aftermath of yesterday’s Capitol Gazette Shooting is as predictable as a sunrise. Basically, say it with me, how you react to it says more about your political views than it does the actual event. I was watching my beloved Seattle Mariners play in Baltimore as the shooting unfolded. It was an interesting dichotomy, watching the joy of the game and the horror of the attack.

The idea that Roe v Wade is now going to be overturned is making people crazy. On one side, people are rejoicing over something that not only hasn’t happened but is not likely to happen. On the other side, people are melting down over the same thing that has not happened, and still isn’t likely to happen. Seriously, have you thought through what it would take to get Roe v Wade overturned by the US Supreme Court?

Some Presidents are loved, some reviled. Some of them elicit the “Who was that?” response. And then there is Rutherford B. Hayes…

A Day to Day Convention

On Monday, January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United states issued what could be argued was its most controversial ruling, Roe v Wade. In the ensuing years, most Americans have gone deaf from the volume the the arguments over the moral implications of the ruling.

On the first live broadcast of Constitution Thursday since September 20, 2013, we take a look at the ruling and the process by which the Court decided that a right to privacy exists between a citizen and their physician.

Upon further review, did the Court “get it right,” at least as far as the privacy rights are concerned? And if they did, how far should that/those right/s extend?

It’s Constitution Thursday, LIVE on the Podcast 99 Network!

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