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The Free Exercise Thereof

The State of California once tried to pass a law limiting what a person could say about certain social issues. That law ended up going nowhere, but now, the state Legislature is debating ACR-99, a concurrent resolution which supposedly encourages religious leaders to address LGBT issues “from love” instead of any given religious belief.

Now, when the religious try to enforce their beliefs on me through the use of legislation or orders, I object.

So what should be my response to a government which seeks to tell religious leaders what they should – or should not – say from their pulpits?



The Original 5th Element

Boron from Periodic Table of ElementsIndiana is the focal point for outrage for one simple reason, and it has little to do with religious freedom or gay discrimination. It has to do with Basketball. Dave found the BEST Mexican food in the State of California this weekend. In 1981 Rawhide went down from an assassin’s bullets, but he got back up. The GOP look s to having three 1st Term US Senators as 2016 Candidates for President. Wasn’t lack of experience a problem when it comes to picking a President? Today is Vietnam Veterans Day. Do children using a Vietnam Memorial as a climbing toy represent and insult or ignorance?


Keeping Faith – Dave Visits the Vietnam Memorial with a Vietnam Veteran (10/29/2014)

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