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He Did Not Know Joseph

The weeping and gnashing of teeth over the demise of the study of History continues. But in a completely unrelated story, the younger generations aren’t just not reading, they lack critical reading skills.

Now… on the one hand, this is hyperbole. The same complaint was made of my generation (Baby Boomers), my wife’s (GenX)*. At the same time, I cannot really argue with the folks on the front lines, who say that it’s all true and that kids entering college today are basically illiterate.

The question is simply this: is the reason people aren’t learning or even studying history because they can’t (or won’t read?

*Before you get all crazy, I was born in 63, she was born in 67. I am a “Tail End Boomer,” while she is a first of the Gen Xers. There’s no weird robbing the cradle here, although when I graduated she was in the 7th grade…


Huck’s Is Bigger Than Ted’s

NOTE: Adult Language

Sad TedThe entire Kim Davis saga and the 2016 GOP Race for President took a weird and wild turn yesterday, as Mike Huckabee used his bodyguards (officially a “staffer”) to take center stage with Mrs. Davis. Then he proclaimed that he was there to support the Constitution, which was the opposite of what Mrs. Davis was doing in the first place…

Meanwhile the weirdness continues as Donald Trump announces that he “feels like he was in the military” since he went to a Military style Boarding school when he wasn’t going to Vietnam…

Dave digs into the Mail Bag to answer two questions. First, whatever happened to whole “Mandatory Ebola News (Motto: Because We Have To!)”? Second, a listener wants to know what the best position for reading is? Whenever he reads, the back of his neck hurts…

City Councilman John Gunderson opens his mouth again, and confirms what we’ve all known for sometime, but the City and the Person in question kept denying… just who is it that really is behind the whole plan for Modesto to annex Wood Colony?

The State Legislature has decided that two California High Schools MUST change their names. Why? Because California schools aren’t teaching American History after the Civil War and what kind of man Robert E. Lee really was…

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