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Intended Unintended Messages


In Alexandria, VA, Christ Church was once the where George Washington himself worshiped. Today the Church still stands and has a plaque marking the pew where Washington and his family once sat to hear sermons about G-d’s love and mercy.

This week, the church has – more than two centuries after Washington’s death – decided to remove the plaque, as the church says that the plaque “makes some feel unsafe or unwelcome” in the church. The church says that it believes that some visitors get “an unintended message” from the plaques located throughout the church. Of course, there is both outrage and even mockery.

But the real problem here is that the church is making the worst mistake that anyone can make when looking at history, and getting exactly what they intended to get…


It was one of those iconic moments. If the Astros go on to win the World Series, it will be in part because of Yuli Gurriel’s home run. It will also go down as one of the moments that remind us if two indisputable truths. First, that racism and racist behavior will never be fully eradicated. Second, that EVERYONE is a least a little bit racist…

Meanwhile Bruce Maxwell, the one-time Stockton Port’s player and current Oakland A’s catcher, was arrested over the weekend for assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly pulling a gun on a pizza delivery girl. This is the same Bruce Maxwell who last week was screeching about another waiter in Alabama refusing to serve him because he “was that guy who knelt and I am a Trump supporter.”

That story fell apart as quickly as a late lead in the wildcard Game for the A’s, when it was shown that nothing like that came close to happening. My question is simply, what happened to a kid who worked his rear end off to go from a Division III School to the Major Leagues? Did something really change? Or was this what he intended all along?


The use of the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force continues to be the basis for getting US troops into nearly every corner of the world. In the past few days, we’ve seen the death of more American Soldiers in a faraway place that most Americans had no idea even existed, let along how to pronounce. As some have noted, sixteen years is a long time. Most of us don’t really even think about it anymore. And with the all-volunteer military, the sense of all-out American sacrifice to gain the ultimate goal of victory and peace isn’t the primary focus.

Then again, we are so consumed, as a society, with the micro-aggression’s and who identifies as what, that how can we focus on something as important as an actual war?

Doesn’t it feel like that is what the powers-that-be intended for us all along?


Advanced Nukes


SEGMENT 1 – PDRK “Advanced Nuke”

North Korea claims to have both tested a “hydrogen” bomb and to have mounted it into a missile. Assuming (and yes, I know what that means), what do we do about it? The President will have to decide, but what would President Dave do?  There’s a couple of paths open to us, but neither are very promising. Both will leave millions of Koreans in harms way and lead to another ground war on the Korean Peninsula…


In Salt Lake City, a Nurse is arrested for refusing to help a Police Officer carry out a warrantless search. By now, the Salt Lake PD has apologized and the Mayor has issued his apologetic statement. The Nurse was released without charges, but pretty much everybody assumes (and you know what happens then) that she’s going sue. I’m not so sure. In any case, how does something like this happen? Is it “just a mistake?”

The problem seems to be even more widespread than we want to accept. In Seattle, a local Deputy pulls a gun (in a very odd manner) on a motorcyclist stopped at a red light. And a now former Police Officer who was found guilty of violating the civil rights of a man she arrested (falsely) is given back pay and allowed to retire. Why? What is the real problem in all of this? Is it really just a few “rogue cops?” Or is there something… else that should concern us?

SEGMENT 3 – The Hitchhikers Guide to Banana Peels

The Golgafrinchams created a society in which elitist intelligencia was able to convince themselves that a third of their population, such as accountants, hairdressers and telephone sanitizers, was completely unnecessary. Using “Fake News,” they convinced the “useless” uneducated third of their population that the planet was about to be destroyed by nature or an asteroid or a nova or rampaging elephants, something along those lines. Using the power of persuasion, they convinced the useless third of their population to board Ark B and set out for a new home, while the remaining important smart people stayed behind having tricked the useless third into leaving them alone. The story ends with the Golgafrinchams who strayed behind all dying from a virulent disease they caught from a dirty telephone.

What’s the parallel? Over the past thirty years, so much emphasis has been put on college and degrees, that there is now a critical – one might say desperate – need for “tradesmen.” But before you get too excited about that, remember that the Antifa-Left regards those who don’t value college educations as a characteristic of the Alt-Right. Meaning that in their world, if you don’t have or feel the need for a College Education, you are by their definition a racist Neo-Nazi. Then they complain about how much it costs to get a good contractor to fix their hot tubs.

This was brought ever more to mind this past week when we learned that a college in Mississippi tried to hold some kind of retreat. It was cancelled when a careless person tossed a banana peel into a tree.

Which actually might be the dumbest sentence I’ve even written…



“Dave, what do you think about the Charlottesville riot?”

Look, what I think should be pretty obvious, and literally nothing that I have to say about it will change anybody’s mind about it. For the record, the person who sent me that message is a die hard liberal leftist who is more concerned that I have not “condemned” the Neo-Nazi movement in Virginia to his satisfaction, than about what I actually “think” about the incident.

That’s fine. My friends are an expansive group covering every line of the spectrum of political and religious thought and belief. From left to right, nothing I have ever said has ever changed any of their minds. Nothing that I could add to this story will either.

I could point out the obvious, which is that yes, I hate Nazis. Some things shouldn’t have to be said.

I could point out the obvious, which is that those who are most loudly demanding condemnation of the Nazi’s are the same folks who refuse to condemn violence and rhetoric from those who appear to have political concord with them. 

I could point out the obvious which is that we (corporately as a society) have spent the last thirty years lionizing and honoring those who make their living stoking dissention and division, be it political or racial.

I could do that. But why bother? Nobody is gonna change their minds over this.

So the biggest story on the planet right now is Charlottesville. ISIL claimed responsibility for killing 15 people yesterday in Pakistan. In Kenya, 16 people have died in election related violence as one of the longtime most stable countries in Central Africa comes apart. I listened yesterday as a person explained to me that the reason they were scared to by a house was… North Korea. In Iraq, two American Soldiers died yesterday in combat.

In combat.

In a war that we were told was “ended.”

I have lost track of the comments I’ve heard on the news and seen on social media that we “have never been more divided.”

That, my dear friends is really what this is all about. It’s a complete myth. It’s demonstrable nonsense. It’s not only untrue, it’s a falsehood that should be labeled as “fake news.”

But instead, people – friends – on both sides, keep repeating the line, we’ve never been more divided.

Putting aside the obvious, the American Civil War, the truth is that we have been “more divided” on so many occasions that it boggles the mind of the modern American raised on tales of the New Deal and World War II. It reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

A new Marine reached Guadalcanal late in the battle, when the Japanese were just hanging on and being mopped up. The Marine was disappointed because he had not gotten to participate in the fight.

His Sergeant told him, “Go up on the hill over there and yell, ‘To Hell with Hirohito!’ When the Japanese Soldier stand up to reply, shoot him.”

So, the Marine walked off towards the hill. A long time passes and the Sergeant doesn’t hear anything. A bit later the Marine comes back into the camp.

“What happened?” asked the Sergeant.

“I yelled like you said, and then the Japanese soldier stood up and yelled back, ‘To hell with Roosevelt!’ And of course, I cannot shoot a fellow Republican…”

Even in the fire of World War II, we were divided. We were even more divided during World War I, with the US Government throwing people in jail for speaking out against the war. My own childhood was spent watching Vietnam protestors throw rocks and bottles at people who disagreed with them.

Never more divided.


The difference was how we dealt with that division. Sometimes we compromised. Sometimes we worked it out via legislation or even the occasional Constitutional Amendment.

I can point all of this out, and it won’t mean anything to people who have closed their minds to truth and to history. They have already decided that the only thing that can “heal” the “division” is to silence the others.

So… I leave you with this simple question: What scares you more:

(a) a neo-Nazi screaming “Blood and Soil!”

(b) a BLM screaming “Black Lives Matter!”

(c) a person who says that they support the Constitution, and now says that either side should be silenced?

I know what it is for me. And nothing that you say to me about it is going to change my mind…

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