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Move Out

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A Court orders a 30-Year-Old Man to get his bum behind out of his folks’ house. Most of us applaud the Court; after all, tough love is the best policy. But how did we get into this in the first place? Is there no responsibility on the Parental units for allowing their son to be a dependant? And why should the Tax Payers have to pay for a court to do their job? And doesn’t this remind us of a bigger parallel?

The NFL decides to put a stop to the kneeling protests. too late, the horse is already out of the barn. There is a solution to the problem, but it has nothing to do with kneeling.

The Santa Fe shooters dad has spoken up and lets us know that he believes that there is a victim in all of this, and it’s not the ten people his son killed.


Hogg’s Mouth and Missiles



The protest march over the weekend has caused a good deal of chatter, most of it negative from the political right. Look, David Hogg’s parents ARE proud of him. Why are you surprised at how he behaves? Where do you think that he learned to talk that way?

If 69% of the people believe that Gun Laws need to be “tightened,” should we be trying to figure out why they think that way? Shouldn’t we be discussing the ideas and merits rather than the language of one un-cultured 17 year old?

While 60 Minutes and the press salivate over the titillating idea that Trump and Stormy watched a shark week documentary, the Houthi’s are launching MRBM missiles at Saudi Arabia.

In case you are saying “the Who?” the Houti’s are allied with the Iranians and so they are fighting ISIS and Sunni’s everywhere. And where did they get their hands on a bunch of Burkan-2 (SCUD) missiles? And how long will it be until the missiles are armed with more than TNT?

Mad Mike Hughes is a huckster who managed to convince a bunch of sincere flat-Earthers to give him enough money to launch himself 1875 feet into the air in a “attempt to prove” that the Earth is flat. By the by, it wasn’t his first launch, but the last time he did it he didn’t care about the shape of the planet.

Evil Knievel tried the same thing once upon a time. Frankly, Evil’s was far more entertaining…

An Inconvenient Truth Or Two

The rioters were all a bunch of outsiders. They don’t represent the real students at UC-Berkeley. In fact, we are told that it is always these outsider anarchists who are giving UC-Berkeley a bad reputation for violence and mayhem.

This is the line we are given after somebody – we aren’t sure exactly who, but most definitely NOT UC-Berkeley students – tore things up preventing the gay Brietbart staffer, Milo Hanrahan from giving his presentation at the University. Read the rest of this entry

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