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Just Wait Until You Sea Mine

I was sitting in my office watching the Mariners slowly fade into the west when there was a rather large explosion. I waited for the inevitable emergency response, but when there wasn’t any, I moved on back to the game and my frustrations with what is shaping up to be yet another season of promise ending without a playoff appearance. Clearly, I was out of it, because I should have known exactly what it was!

There are a whole lot of questions about it this morning. Who knows if there will ever be any answers?

Speaking of the Mariners, the City of Seattle wants them to sign a new 25-year lease on the Stadium. But, the Mariners aren’t all that eager to do so after the City balked at paying for roughly $180 Million in maintenance – mostly for the roof – before they agree to stay there. Now, the argument goes that the M’s are a “private” company and they have scads of money, and the City of Seattle has a massive homeless problem that could really “use” that $180 Million. So in a fit of socialism gone crazy after Amazon crushed the head Tax, the agreement to make the repairs and do the maintenance to the stadium has been halted. The problem is, of course, that the City of Seattle, not the Mariners, own the stadium.

Now… on the one hand, there is the debate over municipalities building sports palaces for ungrateful and disloyal franchises and then giving them tax incentives and breaks out the wazoo. Believe me, I oppose that. but… Seattle already did it. So if the M’s leave the stadium, who gets to pay for the $180+ Million in repairs and maintenance that will be needed to attract another tenant?

A Chicago Cardinal says that the Pope has more important work to get onto, including climate change and helping migrants, not the “rabbit hole” of the sexual abuse scandal.

And in Washington state, I-940 seeks to “reform” Law Enforcement by changing the standards for Police conduct in violent situations. It won’t accomplish what it claims that it will, but that won’t stop it from passing.


Voces Praecepta Sunt Quippiam Contingatis

The 1st Amendment prevents the Government – at any level – from stifling Free Speech. You’re not going to find a group of people more passionate about free speech than broadcasters, be they Super Star Mega Syndicated hosts or your local podcaster with tens of downloads. There is always a fear that if we let our guard down that some Government agent somewhere will try to silence our voices.

But what about when private companies do it? Read the rest of this entry


rts2o58Yesterdays Umpqua Community College Shooter claimed to be a “Conservative Republican” who was fascinated with the Irish Republican Army (a terrorist organization) and hated organized religion. Most of the media and people who hate/fear guns are focused on the first, but ignoring the latter. Why? He allegedly singled out Christians and those who were not or would not admit to being so he shot in the legs. While we are pretty sure that he himself is not PLRI, why did he adopt what is clearly a PLRI tactic?

So who was this guy? He is a veritable mystery wrapped in contradictions and smothered with secret sauce…

As for the “Gun Free Zone” controversy, the simple fact is that despite whatever laws Oregon may or may not have, the College itself declared that no guns were permitted – except with its own written permission. I am just guessing here, but I am willing to guess that the number of “written exemptions” tot he no guns policy in effect yesterday, was – in round numbers – zero.

The Presidents comments portend “executive” action on guns,” but at the end of the day, what does that actually mean? No President would truly believe that they could – with the stroke of a pen – ban guns from citizens.

In Syria, the Russians have taken the lead and begun their campaign to strengthen Assad. Why are they doing this and what about the US response? Moreover, why is this causing a kerfuffle in the Arctic?

The meeting between Now-A-Bigoted-Hateful-Republican Kim Davis and the Pope may not have been all that her people claimed that it was…

Speaking of playing politics, the Congress yesterday blocked a VA Spending bill. Why? Because they’re all mad over over spending, not the VA. Get it? Neither do I…

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