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Voces Praecepta Sunt Quippiam Contingatis

The 1st Amendment prevents the Government – at any level – from stifling Free Speech. You’re not going to find a group of people more passionate about free speech than broadcasters, be they Super Star Mega Syndicated hosts or your local podcaster with tens of downloads. There is always a fear that if we let our guard down that some Government agent somewhere will try to silence our voices.

But what about when private companies do it? Read the rest of this entry



rts2o58Yesterdays Umpqua Community College Shooter claimed to be a “Conservative Republican” who was fascinated with the Irish Republican Army (a terrorist organization) and hated organized religion. Most of the media and people who hate/fear guns are focused on the first, but ignoring the latter. Why? He allegedly singled out Christians and those who were not or would not admit to being so he shot in the legs. While we are pretty sure that he himself is not PLRI, why did he adopt what is clearly a PLRI tactic?

So who was this guy? He is a veritable mystery wrapped in contradictions and smothered with secret sauce…

As for the “Gun Free Zone” controversy, the simple fact is that despite whatever laws Oregon may or may not have, the College itself declared that no guns were permitted – except with its own written permission. I am just guessing here, but I am willing to guess that the number of “written exemptions” tot he no guns policy in effect yesterday, was – in round numbers – zero.

The Presidents comments portend “executive” action on guns,” but at the end of the day, what does that actually mean? No President would truly believe that they could – with the stroke of a pen – ban guns from citizens.

In Syria, the Russians have taken the lead and begun their campaign to strengthen Assad. Why are they doing this and what about the US response? Moreover, why is this causing a kerfuffle in the Arctic?

The meeting between Now-A-Bigoted-Hateful-Republican Kim Davis and the Pope may not have been all that her people claimed that it was…

Speaking of playing politics, the Congress yesterday blocked a VA Spending bill. Why? Because they’re all mad over over spending, not the VA. Get it? Neither do I…

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The Legend of the Ray Cats

It’s International Podcast Day! What is you favorite podcast and what is (are) Dave’s? First up is the SUBMARINE SEA STORIES PODCAST. Next up is the MISSION LOG PODCAST. And don’t forget all the great shows on THE PODCAST 99!

Now-a-Republican Kim Davis met with the Pope last Thursday. The question is why is the Pope now telling an elected official in the United States who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States what to do?

Dave opens up the eMail Bag and answers the question about why EAS Alerts “sound so crappy.”

3030709-inline-i-image2faceclawsSome have suggested that humans be genetically engineered to resist the effects of climate change. The problem is that playing with genes can lead to some strange and uncomfortable effects. By way of example, Dave takes a look at some of the ideas to warn future generations (1000+ years into the future) about the dangers of radioactive waste, one idea for which is absolutely amazingly entertaining… THE RAY CATS!

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