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Hillary Hates Puppies and Other Cute Furry Animals!!!!!

I guess the good news – if there is any – is that 48 hours from now it will all be over. Except that it won’t be will it?

img_3280Regardless of who wins, we are set for at least four years of accusations and counter accusations, investigations, special prosecutors, faux outrage and a complete and ToTaL lack of civility and cooperation. Each side will blame the other and say, “See, I told you so!” Within each party, their various sects and wings will blame each other and chaos will reign. Lifelong friendships will end, and family members will refuse to speak to each other for months, if not years.

There will be both pearl clutching and popcorn munching. And almost no actual governing.

By this point in this grand adventure, the only way you could possibly have been surprised by FBI Director Comey’s announcement – on Sunday no less – that the FBI would not be bringing any charges against Hillary Clinton after the new eMails were found, would be if you haven’t been paying attention or you’ve been reading too many fake stories that match your confirmation bias. The FBI’s announcement – on a Sunday no less – was as predictable as a sunrise, and I guarantee by this time tomorrow it will be the talking point of talking points. Nothing to see here, keep moving, go vote for Hillary.

Like I said, the only people surprised by this are people who got their hopes up because they aren’t really paying attention to what is going on.

For months, pundits on the Right have been screeching that we must ignore the polls. But now that many if not most of the polls seems to show Trump pulling closer (which, by the by, was a predictable as a sunrise) we are told that the polls are good as gold. Personally I remain convinced that Clinton will win and win big. The polls showed Romney closing, and it came to nothing. In fact, it wasn’t even close.  Read the rest of this entry


36 Miles Through The Tectonic Plate Boundary

jeb-bushNot a single vote for President has been cast in any Primary or Caucus. Not one. So who benefits from fake news stories like this one, claiming that JEB BUSH WILL DROP OUT OF THE RACE today? I think that we all know that answer, but there’s something else happening here when it comes to polls.

By nature, a Poll is used as a “direct democracy” type of tool. But, it is also representative in that it is usually a VERY small and very limited cross section of the population, which is then further segmented in order to produce the results that the poll taker wants. But it it presented as representative of the ToTaL population. For example, 75% of Americans want something done about some issue. But is it really 75%? Or just 75% of the segmented poll that is being talked about.

So when we see a poll that says that 70+% of Republicans think Trump is the “most electable” and that they want “an outsider” to get the nominations, we have to ask ourselves if that can (a) possibly be true and (b) what specific group of republicans were polled on the matter. I doubt seriously that 75% of the people who show up to County GOP meetings would agree with these results.

So why does a website that nobody has ever heard of run the story? And what will Jeb Bush spend today doing?

And who benefits from that?

CalifHSTIt turns out that the State of California’s High Speed Rail Authority LIED when it issued its 2014 Business plan. They knew then that the ToTaL cost of the project would exceed $68 Billion and that  there was no way on Earth they would meet their own deadlines. If you are in any way surprised by this, or if you voted FOR the HSR, you should never vote again. Ever.

The idea of individual rights and responsibilities has been submerged through the years to the idea of collective rights and responsibilities. In other words, over the course of our Constitutional republic, it has become less “What should I do about this?” and more “What should WE do about this?”

Nowhere is this more evident than in how we have allowed the encroachments on the 2nd Amendment.

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