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Flag Me!

It’s Flag Day on the show.

We start with a re-look at the California Ballot initiative to split into three States. It’s actually quite remarkable what the Initiative is attempting to do, which is turn this issue into a direct-democracy instead of a republican form of government and force Congress to accept the vote as the actions of the State Legislature. Of bigger concern is what would a Flag look like is it had 52 stars instead of 50?

The Pledge of allegiance to the Flag of The United States has caused a good deal of debate and argument through the history of the Country.

And the SCOTUS decides that Minnesota’s ban on “political” buttons, shirts and insignias is unconstitutional, mainly because nobody has any real idea of how vast the definition of “political” can be…


Trumping Religion

Friedrich_Kaulbach_-_Krönung_Karls_des_GroßenFor those still attempting to “explain” the Trump victory in South Carolina last week, the reasoning now turns to religion and to a comparison of The Donald to ANOTHER RELIGIOUSLY CHOSEN LEADER who was “seen in the same way” that Trump is supposedly seen by his South Carolina supporters.

The problem, of course, is that religion in the United States is much more diverse and much more pragmatic than it was during the Middle Ages of Europe. How else do you explain the bizarre spectacle of a leading LDS media figure calling for a fast for a leading Southern Baptist, most of whom, in my experience, would not agree with LDS theology at all?

The answer lies in the truth that our beliefs about our religious beliefs are far more about our beliefs in our politics than they are about our faith.

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Politics Through Polarized Sunglasses

maxresdefaultThere was a time when “polarization” meant whether or not you wanted to pay extra money to have it on your sunglasses or not.

Now it applies to the politics of the day and the so-called” extreme positions taken by either side. So why are we so “polarized” today, and is this really “the worst it’s ever been?”

Of course not, but there is something different about it today. And you can see that difference in the discussion over the “murder” of Justice Scalia and the “apples to oranges” comments of Senator Chuck Schumer.

And it all comes down to how we see “news” reported and consumed. We aren’t looking for information from which we can make an informed and well considered opinion. We’re looking for confirmation of what we already believe. And we accept the manipulation of our opinions and emotions to achieve that goal, without ever considering whether or not this is the real problem with America today?

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