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Karma Chameleon

In an interview about his hit song, Karma Chameleon, Boy George explained that the song is about “[T]he fear of standing up for one thing. It’s about trying to suck up to everybody.”

Oddly enough, I had my first opportunity to see a real live chameleon up close and personal yesterday. Completely by accident. Nevertheless, I was both impressed and interested by the little creature. And I tried as hard as I could to get it to change color, but it just wasn’t going to indulge me at all. Just the opposite of a Karma Chameleon who won’t stand up for one thing and is always sucking up to everybody…


Hurricanes and Caravans


As far as Hurricane Willa goes, no, it was NOT sent by the Deity, whichever one you claim to “Stop the Honduran Caravan.” If G-d worked that way – that is to say as a “Push button” response to your wishes, then we’d have a bigger problem than 4,000-15,000 “immigrants,” as it would mean that you might start calling on Him to smite those who disagree with you. That would be a problem because I’m pretty sure that my version of G-d would smite you in reply.

Seriously though, there are a whole lot of other problems with this Caravan that go beyond the question of what G-d thinks about it. Read the rest of this entry

Jumping The “Best People” Shark

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Happy 727 Day!

Once upon a time, it was explained to me – at great length – that I “needed” to get on board and support an increase in pay for some legislators who were feeling like they weren’t being paid enough. If the pay rise didn’t get passed, they explained, it would be tragic. Not for themselves, you see, but for the long-term health of government. Without higher pay, you see, the “best people” would never be interested in serving in government.

Uh-huh, I said… so if it’s such a crappy, low paying, difficult job, why did you want it in the first place? Read the rest of this entry

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