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Politics Through Polarized Sunglasses

maxresdefaultThere was a time when “polarization” meant whether or not you wanted to pay extra money to have it on your sunglasses or not.

Now it applies to the politics of the day and the so-called” extreme positions taken by either side. So why are we so “polarized” today, and is this really “the worst it’s ever been?”

Of course not, but there is something different about it today. And you can see that difference in the discussion over the “murder” of Justice Scalia and the “apples to oranges” comments of Senator Chuck Schumer.

And it all comes down to how we see “news” reported and consumed. We aren’t looking for information from which we can make an informed and well considered opinion. We’re looking for confirmation of what we already believe. And we accept the manipulation of our opinions and emotions to achieve that goal, without ever considering whether or not this is the real problem with America today?

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Little Column A, Little Column B

So, yeah…. I’m a pretty happy fellow this morning. Probably as much because the Broncos won as because my Ex is a diehard (bandwagon) Panthers fan who made sure to let me know about it this past week. Not that I am still bitter or anything like that. I have a lot to say about the game, but I also know that many of you don’t like sportsball and don’t really listen to talk about it, so I have split today’s show into two pieces, with the Sports stuff in one part and the “real issues” stuff in the other.

Part I

unha3launch_hi_res-815x10241-675x368The Glorious People’s Demokratick Republick of Korea (it’s none of those things) launched a rocket this weekend which they claim has placed a satellite in orbit. In my view, this is a highly concerning development as well as potentially dangerous. It also refocuses the concern about the recent test of what the PDRK claimed was a “hydrogen” bomb.

Hillary Clinton made it clear recently that she is all about the one thing that would cement liberal power for a long time to come. she believes that the next President will appoint as many as three Justices to the Supreme Court, and believe me, she has a plan…

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12662684_10208811440873471_2480202202465789511_nThe Broncos are Super Bowl 50 champions! Yes, I am ecstatic and thrilled beyond belief. I am not really superstitious, but you do know that it was my actions yesterday that led to this win, right? Meanwhile, I have some mixed feelings about the game as a whole, and like Peyton Manning I am contemplating a change in my sportsball habits.

Cam Newton was supposed to be the up and coming face of the NFL. Yesterday showed that he has a lot to learn if he ever wants to be remembered for more than winning a few games and losing the biggest one. But for all of that, it was a former Bronco and 49er who won the prize for “Dumbest Thing Said” yesterday.

And now it’s on to Baseball! Congrats to Mexico for their win in the Caribbean Series!

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