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Get Over It

I suppose that it’s de rigueur for the political right to be angered over the message that the cast of Hamilton had for VP-Elect Pence on Friday night. Sorry… I’m not feeling it.

This is America. Politicians go out in public. The public, regardless of profession, get to say whatever they want to them. It’s called “Free Speech.” Are there potential consequences? Of course. I’m certain that there are people who will now not buy tickets to see Hamilton. Conversely there are also people who now will buy tickets to see the show.

groucho-marx-duck-soup-e1434598275998The statement made by the cast member was hardly the stuff of legend. It wasn’t really all that tough or biting. It wasn’t as rude as what Groucho Marx had to say to Calvin Coolidge. If I were to take the time and go through the history of Actors and performers saying rude things to politicians I wouldn’t get anything done for at least a week.

For whatever it matters, VP-Elect Pence didn’t seem bothered by it at all, and other than an obvious trolling om twitter (I told you he would be… interesting) by the President-Elect, the whole tempest seems to be over.

But in the future, if the Political Right doesn’t know by now that most actors are hard left progressives, unlikely to cheer them, then they are ToTaLly out of touch with reality. Read the rest of this entry


The Banality of Evil Redux

29C19BFC00000578-3129887-image-m-23_1434658941749The banality of evil means that it – evil – will always present itself as good, proper, and even legal. The root cause of such violence is hatred, but from whence does that hatred come? And how did a 21 year old boy in South Carolina come to learn about Rhodesia?

The Difference between last Sunday and this coming Sunday is that the White Supremacist Terrorists have won. At least for the moment. There remain, of course, people on both side of the racial divide who need that divide to remain open and ever larger.

The Mayor continues to lie about the proposed sales tax. It is a general revenue tax, with an icing of promises that will not and cannot be kept in the face of the pension tsunami.

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