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The Holidays are full upon us and Ben is now out of school for the Christmas Break. This will be the last full entry for the blog this year – I reserve the right to still blog if I feel the muse – but I am working to get everything in place for January 9th. The studio is ready now. I am still trying to replace my main computer, but even if I don’t get that done, it will just be a minor inconvenience. So hang tight just a couple of more weeks and things should be back to whatever passes for normal around here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Years! May 2017 be filled with joy and thrills for each of us as we begin another orbit around our local star.

122116-297755main_gpn-2001-000009_fullOn Christmas Eve 1968 mankind did something it had never done before. Apollo 8 entered orbit around the moon and for the first time in history man was able to see the incredible view of the Earth rising over the moon. The iconic and moving photo was taken by astronaut Bill Anders who was supposed to be shooting pictures of the lunar surface, but when he and the Frank Boorman and Jim Lovell saw the Earthrise, knew that they had to shoot it and in color. One of the most turbulent years in history ended with the most amazing sight we’d ever seen. Now, using 2016 technology, the way that photo was taken has been re-recreated so that all of mankind can be a part of that moment. I really don’t care what else you do today, but watch this video. It’s six minutes you will treasure. And it will remind you of how small our problems really are on the cosmic scale… Read the rest of this entry


Soda’s and EBT

Charles Warner

Charles Warner

A condemned Oklahoma inmate starts claiming that his “veins are on fire” during his execution, which has caused all kinds of questions given the botched execution of an inmate last July (Blog Post HERE). The problem is that HE MADE THE CLAIM BEFORE THE DRUGS WERE INJECTED. Once they were flowing, he was silent and dead within minutes. His attorney said that she “doesn’t believe” that the condemned man would “make up” or “exaggerate” his symptoms. This is a case of playing on the sympathies generated when my home State of Oklahoma botched the previous execution. And this has been my concern since then – that the obvious and terrible screw up would enable those who oppose the Death Penalty to “play up,” as it were, anything that doesn’t go perfectly as “cruel and unusual.” Yes, I believe that Oklahoma violated the 8th Amendment in July, but not this time. This was an act, concocted by a lawyer and a dead man walking, who knew that it was too late for him, but maybe he could help stop executions in the future. Will anybody in the anti-death penalty crowd understand or even care that his line of “acid burning” came too early in the play? Read the rest of this entry

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