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Stores Load

A very, very long time ago, in Bangor, Washington, aboard USS Michigan, I participated in at least six “stores loads.” Probably more because at least twice we broke our patrols into two parts, once for a Follow On Test (a four missile test launch) and the second time because we broke the submarine.

What happens is that all the “Junior” enlisted sailors, say Petty Officer Second Class (me) and below, 110520-N-DI599-019that aren’t on watch, form a line from the pier to the storerooms aboard ship. The worst place to be is in the hatch, because then the boxes are going vertical instead of horizontal. But otherwise, the line has a Sailor handing a box to the next guy who is facing him and then he passes it on to the next guy who is facing him and so on until the box goes from the pier to the proper storeroom. On occasion there aren’t enough guys and each box is carried by a sailor from the pier to the hatch, which is okay at high tide and best at mid tide. It absolutely sucks at low tide when the pier is suddenly 10-15 feet above the deck and you have to carry the box down the gangway. This can lead to funny moments, like when one sailor (not me) stumbled coming down the gangway and in best vaudeville fashion continued to stumble down the way, hit the deck at full speed, crossed the deck and hit the safety line on the far side. He then slowly leaned out over the edge leaning on the line), came to a stop, and gently eased back up as the line took in the slack. Read the rest of this entry


Disabled American Veterans

DAV0025_ITEMFor as long as there has been a United States, we have always asked the youngest generation to serve us in the Armed Forces. There are valid reasons for this, but the one effect that I find amazing is that it makes a 28 year old man, seem like the ancient mariner. But as Veterans age, and the ravages of time begin their inevitable work, there comes a point where the promises made by the Nation to support them and provide benefits to them become the reminder of that service, so long ago.

And yet, with 345,0000 employees, the Department of Veterans Affairs seems monolithic and impenetrable to many Veterans. 

Yesterday, after a year of gathering data and having the knee surgery, Dave went to Oakland to the Disabled American Veterans Service office to start the process of a making VA claim. There he learned some lessons about the process as a whole…

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You Good?


In California, a new “law” will determine how College kids – and eventually everybody else in the State – has sex. And it’s the most absurd law you may have ever seen. But it should create a massive amount of chaos and legal action, so the lawyers will love it! Oh and what happens if it doesn’t last ten minutes? As a side benefit though, this law might help Military kids cut down on the amount of sex they have, which would be a good thing.

The gun control arguments may have reached a nadir over the weekend when Hillary ver2016 stated that she would be willing to follow the example of other Countries and seize guns from law abiding citizens.

And in case you forgot (and you probably did), it was this day in 1781 that General Cornwallis surrendered to Washington, effectively ending the Revolutionary War in The United States.

Other Stuff Dave doesn’t get to on the podcast:

Who will pay for the prescriptions that Doctors use to allow patients to kill themselves? Will Insurance companies be forced to cover the drugs? What if an employer objects morally and/or religiously to the idea of one of his employees being prescribed drugs that the companies insurance plan is forced to cover and killing him or herself? And, of course, who will pay for the inevitable defense of the law in the Court system as it winds its way all the way to the top?

A proposed Coal Loading Terminal in Oakland has Governor Jerry raising his eyebrows in protest, while CalPERS is looking to divest from coal. Because it’s so unprofitable, I am sure…

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