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Killer DNA

Overnight, Israel responded to another rocket attack by pounding sites associated with the Iranian Republican Guard in Syria. As the sun rose, things seemed to calm down a bit. But will that be the end of the matter? Probably not…

And we take a look at the recent arrest of a man in California, accused of infamous crimes committed decades ago. He was always a suspect, but his arrest did not happen until Police were able to access a commercial DNA database and match his profile to the crimes. It raises some questions about privacy and the future of the 4th Amendment.


01 MAЯ 2018

It’s International Workers Day! You know what that means, right? It’s the annual celebration of a political ideology responsible for more deaths in the 20th Century than the Fascists ever dared dream!

Seriously, my preferred local morning news show had an entire segment on what to do to protect yourself and your business should you become an unwilling participant in these “celebrations.” That’s right… it’s such a joyful event that normal people – those not blessed to be “International Workers” – have to close up shop to try and keep the revelers from sharing their expressions of joy by tossing a brick through the window or tossing a Molotov Cocktail into a trash bin.


Trump says he’s willing to meet with Kim Jung-Un at the DMZ in Korea instead of a third-party country. Why? So that the party can begin as soon as something good happens…

Okay, yes… you have a 1st amendment right to practice your faith. you do not have a 1st amendment right to scare the hell out of people. And G-d never told you to do that…

An Empty Cart Rattles Loudly

I’m back from the mini-vacation to Spokane. Like most vacations, it was a mixed bag of excitement and meh… On the downside, I did not survive my trip on the RMS TiTanic. But my wife and child did…

Watching the Korean handshake was surreal. Frankly, I am still unsure of what to believe. Every instinct in my Cold War blood screams that it’s a trick. But… at the same time, what if it isn’t. What if I have grown so old, so inflexible, that I have outlived my usefulness? Would that constitute a joke? Read the rest of this entry

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