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The Hornet’s Sting

On the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle raid, Dave got to visit the USS Hornet Museum. It honors the brave men who flew that daring raid as well as the generations of sailors who served in her after WWII and even today aboard ships with other names, but doing the same job of keeping the peace.

That idea of deterrence and peace through strength is the real reason, despite the apparent confusion of Trump’s Armada, that North Korea and Kim Jong-tun (get it?) decided to not test their atomic weapons last week.

Deterrence works because there is a credible and real threat of retaliation. Ships like USS Hornet and USS Carl Vinson along with their myriad of escorts and support ships provide that deterrent today.

You Cannot Argue With Crazy


You cannot argue with crazy.

The problem is that crazy wants you to argue with it. The problem is that crazy seems so… so… willing to discuss things. It’s a trap. Crazy doesn’t want to discuss anything. Crazy wants to yell and screech and blame and then make you a part of the conspiracy because you don’t believe what crazy believes.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re talking about #United Airlines or North Korea. So what do you do? Just make fun of the wackiness and hope that sooner or later crazy figures it out?

Maybe threaten crazy with some intimidating physical threat that cause it to stop and think? The problem there is that the PDRK is led by irrational people who don’t think about things the way we do.

You cannot argue with crazy…

Classic Dave & John: The Third Tunnel of Aggression

3rd-tunnel-t-shirt-copyHaving conjured up the Lucifer storm, John is on the road today, driving into the face of the storm to show it just who is really boss.

So, in honor of the recent news from the Glorious Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (It’s none of those things. Watch Frontline for once!), we take you back to May 31, 2012, when Dave & John learned of the PRDK’s use of The Third Tunnel of Aggression, but didn’t get the T-Shirt…

Original Airdate: 31 May, 2012

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