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The Sinclair Denouement

The recent flap over the Sinclair Group’s latest’s… stunt(?), would actually be funny if not for the reaction to it. The idea that NPR, leading the charge of ridicule, finally cares about the repetition of the media would be laughable if it wasn’t so hypocritical.

Villanova won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Yay. I actually have an emotional connection to ‘Nova winning, but at the same time, I have watched the fiasco that it is NCAA Basketball this season and I am left to wonder how long it will be before the wildcats have to vacate their newest trophy?

On a weirder note, the star of the game has come a long way. He was not a highly recruited player, and he was on the bench two years ago when ‘Nova won the last time. So what is the discussion this morning? His rather offensive and deviant Twitter account…

Much like the Teacher walk-outs are a stunt designed to influence the mid-term elections in November, so is the March from Central America. But what I noticed is that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is making the connection that should have been the first thing that popped into our minds, which brings us back to the Sinclair Denouement…


The Honor System

11358247_vtfAn Easter Egg hunt to honor Jesus goes predictably awry when nobody involved understands how “the honor system” actually works.

All that money may not really solve the problem that Memories Pizza has, which is, of course, that they committed a thought crime which the government has already begun turning into a hate crime. And believe you me, that will NOT go unpunished… or un-fined, if you get my drift.

Victor Davis Hanson reminds us of how this drought went from a naturally occurring weather pattern to a political nightmare, but he still doesn’t make it rain.

The Washington Post accuses Republicans of mounting an “insurrection” against the “legitimate Constitutional Authority” of the President. Seriously.

And Kentucky loses most ungracefully, which means Dave can finally watch the NCAA Tournament, but he won’t because… BASEBALL IS BACK!


48 Days

jameis-winston-ncaa-football-rose-bowl-florida-state-vs-oregon-850x560It’s the first “real” day of the New Year and already I have come to realize why I have become so disenchanted with the NCAA and specifically Division I of BCS or whatever they call it now level College Football. For literally years, people have said, “Use the Bowls as playoff games,” and finally the NCAA kind of got the idea and used the Rose and Sugar Bowls this year for a four team – yep, four (remember, 1-AA does 16), playoff. So we were treated to the Oregon blowout of Florida State and a great game in the Sugar Bowl between Ohio St and Alabama. At the end of the Rose Bowl, the Oregon players were chanting, “No Means No!” in reference to the FSU QB’s troubles having been accused of and cleared in a rather haphazard manner of rape charges. The whole incident fueled the belief that high performance athletes get special treatment on campus, and frankly, that belief is probably correct.

In any case, the chant was classless and unnecessary. You just won the game by a wide margin and very much showed the world your football skills were superior in every phase of the game, why go there? Read the rest of this entry

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