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My Favorite Day of the Year


October 31st is a special day for me.

Sure, it’s Halloween and I have kids and grandkids who squeal with delight when the sun finally sets and the Trick-or-Treating begins. I really enjoy that. Sure, there’s the whole fall season element. The air is crisp and cool, and there is weather again! It’s also one of my best friends in the world Birthday. Sean T. Bagby is one of those people who will always be there. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since we last talked when we get together it is as if we pick it up right where we left off.

And one of the experiences I shared with Sean was the events of Halloween, October 31, 1986. A day that I have long considered a starting point. It could have gone a completely different direction, but today I sit here and talk to you because the events of that night were shared with the best crew in the entire US Navy.


Acute Flaccid Myelitis


You may have noticed that the last couple of days we have not had our News with Alex Ross.

Alex is traveling to be with his father, ISCS Rob Ross who is retiring from the US Navy today. Senior Chief Ross joined the Navy when he was 22 and has been in it “longer than he was out of it.” It’s been fun to watch as Alex and his Dad’s paths have crossed while both are in the Navy. Read the rest of this entry

The Officer of the Deck

Why is there so much effort being expended to “increase voter participation?” In King County, there is an idea being implemented to make vote-by-mail ballots postage free. Or more precisely, pre-paid postage. Presumably, the funding will come from the vast resources the County has that it is not already spending on addressing the “homeless crises” by shaking down Amazon and others.

Seriously though, why all this effort to increase turnout by making voting so easy that even a dead person could do it? Oddly enough, it turns out that nearly one-third of ALL Washington State voters live in King County. And virtually all of those belong to a single party. Any guesses as to which one? Now the Secretary of State is asking for $2 Million to make the postage-paid ballot State-wide for the 2018 mid-term election. If the State goes ahead and does that, will King County then object to having to pay for their own ballots?

The Officer of the Deck aboard USS Fitzgerald will face Special Court Martial for dereliction of duty that resulted in the deaths of seven sailors when the ship collided with a merchant vessel last spring. On the surface, I have no real issue with this. My concerns lie in three directions. First, what defense could be offered that makes any sense whatsoever? Second, will gender enter into the question? Lastly, what happened to the Good of the Service?

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