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Augmented Reality

It all started when I had to get a new phone. The one they wanted me to buy comes with something called, “Augmented Reality.” I had no clue what that is…

It turns out that AR is something that we all are experiencing more and more of each and every day. in fact, it is designed to stop you from doing the one thing that you shouldn’t be stopped from doing for yourself – Think. But it has taken over ever aspect of what we see, hear and decide. From the President to the NFL ratings to the City of Bremerton’s decision to install security Cameras. All of it does one thing – decide what you think of something before you ever stop to consider it for yourself.

Oh… if you disagree with the AR, then you’re “stupid.” Read the rest of this entry


Star Sailors

If you were to ask any local government official what the “purpose” or “primary function” of local government is, almost universally – certainly from the politicians – you will get tan answer that implies that “public safety” is the #1 raison d’ĂȘtre for local government. When budgets need to be cut, local governments threaten public safety cuts because that’s their #1 priority and the public isn’t wise enough to see the waste elsewhere. But before you get too settled on the matter, consider that there is MORE, much more, to public safety than just Police and Fire. Read the rest of this entry

Space Poop

I just have a few minutes today.

I am off to take care of paperwork and orientation, after I was hired yesterday, part time, at a logistics company that needed my particular skills and abilities. Obviously it will effect my overall schedule a bit, but my hope is that as I will only be working 3-4 hours four days a week, I can get back on top of the podcast and get her going again.

Thanks for your patience!


The Japanese War Cabinet, Oct 1941

Seventy-five years ago today, the Japanese cabinet, in the presence of the Emperor himself, voted to start a war with the US, Great Britain and the Netherlands. The Japanese had assurance from Nazi Germany that if war came to the Pacific, they too would join in the conflict by declaring war on the United States. One has to wonder if that assurance had never been given, whether or not Japan would have waited? In any case, a group of a few men, sitting in a room decided the fate of millions based on an idea that was clearly flawed with a grand strategy that failed to take into account the capabilities of the opponent. The price was steep. But totalitarianism was defeated.

It has been a year (tomorrow) since the San Bernardino attack was made by a pair of PLRI terrorists. IN that time, the FBI has faced a lot of difficulties and issues that forced us to look not only at the terrorists, but at ourselves and how far we are willing to allow the government to invade our privacy to “protect us” from the PLRI terrorists. The biggest question the FBI has been unable to answer so far, is whether or not the pair had help or if anyone had an idea of what they were planning to do? It seems far fetched that nobody had even a twinkling of it, but it is within the realm of possibilities. It seems like nobody had any idea that the OSU student was going to attack last week. If they did, they didn’t say anything. Read the rest of this entry

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