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Robots Would Have Done It Better



I knew that I wasn’t feeling well last night. I should have stayed home and tried to fight off the effects of this crud, but that would have meant watching the teleprompter voices, so I headed out to a comedy show and had a great time. When I made it home, I took some knock-off Nyquil and headed to bed. And now? Now I am a hurting unit.

So no, I did not watch the teleprompter readers live. I anticipated that I would get plenty of tweets, texts, and posts that would keep me up to date. But I found myself wondering what happened when it basically went silent.

I figured it out this morning while watching the replays and realizing that politicians are not immune from the robot-ification that comes with trying to read a speech off of a teleprompter. Any passion, any feeling, any reason for anybody to pay attention to these blowhards went out the window…

What I came away with is the confirmation that what I said the other day is true: this shutdown has nothing to do with money or morals. It is 100% a power struggle. That’s all it is. One side or the other will eventually blink, and when they do, the other side will shove the knife in between their ribs.


Boycott Chili’s?

Okay, let’s move on to some other things today.

chilis-logoBy now, pretty much everybody has heard about the Chili’s manager who decided that veteran to whom he had just served a free Veterans Day meal wasn’t really a veteran and instead of just blowing it off, he very publicly and on video took the meal away from the veteran. Depending on whose version you believe, the Manager was egged on to make this decision by a “Trump Shirt Wearing WWII Vet who said that there weren’t any black soldiers during WWII,” or there are legitimate questions about the mans credentials as a veteran.

I have no real idea if the man is a veteran or not, nor do I really care. There are some things in the video that make me question his story, but at the end of the day it really isn’t up to me. The Manager has been relieved by Chili’s, at least for the moment, but as you watch this video see if you get a similar feeling to what I am getting. In the end he probably would have been better off just letting it go, but is he really in the wrong here? Read the rest of this entry

California Screws Soldiers and the Country

So, let’s get a few things straightened out.

Yes, the California National Guard Soldiers are being screwed over. But NOT by the Pentagon.

retired-soldier-repay-bonusNope. This is 100% the fault of the State of California and it’s oversight of its own National Guard. There is no “news” in this news story. It’s been known for more than two years. The FACT is that in 2011 the State had to relieve and replace its CA-National Guard Leadership because of allegations and concerns about this exact issue. Congress has known about this for at least two years. But they did nothing because it wasn’t a front page story. Now that it is, the attention whores otherwise known as Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy have decided to “fight” against the Pentagon’s actions to reclaim the improperly paid bonuses, even as they continue to criticize Pentagon overspending and waste.

What should happen here is that the State of California, which had oversight of the funds and failed (according to the audit) to oversee them properly or even bother (it seems) to read the instructions before they started handing out the bonuses, should have to write a check to the Pentagon to cover the funds the Pentagon needs back before some Congressman with a bug up his/her rear end decides to make a few headlines by criticizing the Pentagon for wasteful spending and improper oversight. Then some “true conservative” Legislator in the State House should introduce a bill to make it clear that this is 100% the State of California’s fault and to make sure that the State doesn’t then go after the Soldiers for the money.

That won’t happen though. The politicians and the pundits – on both sides – will continue to blame and hammer the Pentagon. For doing its job (for once). Congress will get on its High Horse and pass a law to relieve the Soldiers of the responsibility. Of course, how it will help those who have already made great sacrifices to pay it back is unclear.

There’s a bigger issue here though that I want you to think about. California constantly complains that it “sends more money to Washington than we get back.” Okay, every State says this. But here we have a great example of a State that is 100% responsible for this f**kup. Are you clear about this? The State of California is ToTaLly accountable here, and even had to fire its National Guard leadership because it knew about it in 2011. But instead of the State fixing the problem, we will turn to the Federal government and make EVERY OTHER STATE help pay for the screw up that California made on its own, with no help from anybody else.

Oh, and the Governor who was the Commander of the CA National Guard when all this happened? A (cough, cough) Republican…

brock-osweilerI felt so bad last night for Brock Osweiler. Look, I am a lifelong Broncos fan. Osweiler should have been our QB. But he let his ego get bruised and saw a lot of dollar signs and bolted from the best situation a young QB could possibly have had in the NFL. His biggest problem continues to be his height, which he doesn’t know how to use to his advantage. He tends to “check down” a lot, as all young QB’s do. But because of his height, he throws the ball on a downwards trajectory, instead of floating it over the defensive line. He could have been in Denver, learning from Peyton Manning, Gary Kubiack and John Elway. Instead he went to Houston where he’s got nobody to teach him or work with him in a meaningful way (BTW, Houston does not even have a QB’s coach, and no staff person has img_3350ever served as a QB’s coach) I really feel bad for him, but there is a lesson there that is so “Major League 3: Back to the Minors” about letting your ego get bigger than your talent. I don’t know what Houston is going to do, but what I saw on the bench in the late 4th Quarter last night convinces me that his team has lost all belief in him. Fantasy players are mad because one of the best Wide Receivers in the league is essentially useless because of his problems. Unlike Kaepernick, Osweiler has talent and potential. If Houston gives up on him (and they will, because they don’t know how to work with him), he should go back to Denver or New England. Someday he could be really great.


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