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The Message

I have informed you thusly of this over the past weeks. Nothing happens in a vacuum. So when the Colorado State Civil rights Commissars let the cat out of the bag and told the entire world that they are anti-religious bigots, savvy people immediately understood that the Supremes smackdown of their “despicable” actions was intended to send a message.

So… what was the message and for whom was intended? That’s actually pretty easy to answer.

Facebook is under fire again for sharing your data with pretty much anybody and everybody who said they had at least an idea of a reason why they should have it. Much pontificating has taken place, with bloviating politicians explaining to us that they “really mean to do something” about this.

Please… that is exactly what Facebook wants…

The Sailor convicted of taking classified pictures aboard a US Navy nuclear-powered submarine was pardoned by President Trump. He says that it is his intention to sue President Obama. His argument will be the traditional “That person did it too and you didn’t punish them, so why did you punish me?” argument. The whole thing disgusts me. Just go away and enjoy your freedom.


Trump’s Hmong

Donald Trumps plan to “ban all Muslims” is not just badly flawed, it also could lead to another national embarrassment like the one we had in 1975 when we abandoned the Hmong People in Vietnam. Like it or not, our military relies on Muslim folks to HELP us in our fight against ISIL. And Trumps plan would make getting that assistance virtually impossible.

Meanwhile, Trump also promised the New England Police Union, people who are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, that he (Trump) would use the power of the pen to issue an Executive Order to bypass said Constitution that the Police Union promised to uphold and defend, to overrule state Laws and Constitution and execute Cop Killers. Instead of reacting as people who have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution would have reacted, the  New England Police Union cheered, applauded and endorsed Donald Trump.

The day is almost here at last for the ONLY College football game that actually matters, Army-Navy 2015. All of the pageantry and on field performance is secondary to the idea that the men and women you see on Saturday, will, in just a few months or years, be leading our nations Military as we battle the evil in this world. And remember this – to the “experts” at ESPN, one particular player you will see on Saturday, “wasn’t good enough” to be invited to the presentation of the most meaningless trophy in sports, the Heisman Trophy, which is supposed to represent excellence AND integrity, but in fact, represents excellence in marketing.

Go Navy! Beat Army! (But it will not bother me if Army wins, because the truth is, we all win!)

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