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Meme Madness

There is some good news today – the “experts” have decided that they now know what happened to MH-370 which disappeared in 2014. They still don’t know where it is, but they announced they know what happened.

If you need to post memes that make up stuff about political figures that isn’t true to show that you dislike political figures, then you have failed to think and have completely failed as a voice for Conservatism.

The Supreme Court has struck down the ban on Sports Betting. This may or may not turn out to be a meaningful thing, but one thing is for certain, anybody who bets on Regular season NBA games is a fool.

Seattle has decided to only steal, sorry, tax, successful businesses $275 a job instead of $500 a job. They still have no plan for what to do with the money, just broad ideas, none of which will actually “solve” homelessness or the affordable housing shortage.


The Saga of Six

The latest rehashed theory of MH-370 is that the passengers and crew died of suffocation due to decompression, probably caused by a cockpit fire. It really doesn’t matter. When they find the plane, and they will, the AH wearers will clam that the wreckage was moved there by the Bildebergers or Illuminati or George Bush. Complete with YouTube “DOCUMENTARIES” showing fuzzy pictures of wreckage and claiming that it “proves” the pet theory of whoever posted it.

The Fire Station Six Farce reveals a great deal of what’s rally going on with the City Council. Since nobody except Der Mayor and Johnny Stalin and the Chancellery buy the line about it being the voters fault since the defeat of Measure X, the idea that Public Safety should bear the brunt of cuts – necessary or otherwise – isn’t playing well with the members facing recall. Now w find that the STATION WILL REMAIN OPEN for at least six months AND there is a plan being floated to fund it longer. My budget plan remains simple: You fund the #1 Priority 100%, then you move to the #2 and fund that 100% and then to #3 and so on until you no longer have enough money to fund a priority 100%. Then you stop and put the leftover in reserves and say “That s what we do.” This idea that a City Government HAS to do everything IS the problem and it’s time to stop it. Emerson “Pepper” Drake will join me at 5pm to talk about th nefarious goings on in the Council Chambers.

Sotto Voce Aside: Listening to the prop-Obama media on FOX dish on Hillary for being “a reality show” is funny…

Can’t speak for you, but I am pretty jazzed about the SCIENCE CENTER AT MJC. I am already trying to find  good excuse to get there and check t out!

When Baseball players started wearing ski goggles in the locker room to open champagne bottles to celebrate winning a “Wild Card” slot, I knew sports was in trouble. But when YOU GET THIS in celebration of losing a game but still advancing even though you didn’t actually do anything to make it happen… well… you get it. You never see this behavior in hockey.

I like Mayor Silva. You know why? Because every time he does something silly (“Throw me a bone!”), he follows it up by DOING SOMETHING COOL. He’s entertaining and fun and guaranteed to give me something to talk about.

Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo, the event that launched the events that led to the Guns of August. For the next four years, war will conducted on a scale never before seen and millions around the globe will die. When it is over, the animosities and anger will simply simmer for another twenty years before erupting again. And when that war is over, its remains will be the Cold War which will give us Korea, Vietnam and untold numbers of brush wars and conflicts. All STARTING 100 YEARS AGO, tomorrow.

Evacuation Day

Remember that movie where Chevy Chase is determined to “have a little family fun?” Eventually his trip for  little fun becomes, the words of Clark Griswold, “a quest,” wherein the obstacles and problems must be overcome and defeated on the way to  little fun. Read the rest of this entry

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