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Register Today and Save!!!

Dave’s medical appointment was pretty typical of the way we do medical care these days. Thank goodness you can “Register Today and Save!!!!”

This mornings press conference with Trump and Putin was less press conference than it was political theatre, to be viewed solely through the lens of your own political viewpoint rather than anything that was or was not actually said…

PopScience has a great article dealing with how YOU should be responsible for YOUR own safety on the interwebs since the government won’t do it for you (alas, in their view). Ultimately, it should cause us to think about the way that our government works today. How is it that the FCC, and executive department, can make “rules” that have not been debated or passed by Congress?


Update on Dave’s Condition

flushotSo I went to get a flu shot this morning.

Now I am at home with a whole bunch of meds flowing through my veins, lightheaded and unable to drive. Before you jump on the anti-vaccine bandwagon, it has nothing to do with the flu shot.

Before they even did that, they determined my blood pressure to be precisely 188/140. Combined with a bad-knee caused stumble, they thought I might be having a stroke in the office.

I wasn’t, but that did not stop the immediate infliction of medical care upon my person.

To make a long story short, I am okay, I mean other than the high BP and glucose count, but I am fine. I am however, heavily medicated, very lightheaded (Cami tells me that’s because of the drugs lowering my BP) and a bit dizzy and unable to drive.

So, today we will have a Best Of Show. I do apologize, and ask that bear with me as I try to prevent further medical care that would interfere with going to Washington, D.C. on Monday morning.



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