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Enemies Of The State

A new Poll shows that some 43% of self-identified Republicans believe that “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” how you react to that poll says more about your political views than it does the actual poll. The reactions to the news are as predictable as a sunrise, but all of them miss the real point. Sure, the media conducted a poll to find out if people really do hate them as much as they report that the people do. But looked at in context, it provides us with an opportunity to test our values against our actions. Because the myth that we “love’ free speech is as pervasive as the idea that the media is the “enemy of the state.” Read the rest of this entry


The Man In The Mirror

Voters in the State of California will decide to split in November!!!

Not so fast there, Terry Draper…

Tesla might be driving to Mars, but back here on Earth things are not going as gangbusters as we are supposed to believe. In fact, the company is laying off 3700 employees, which represent somewhere close to 9% of their entire workforce…

Are you mad about how the Progressive Left is reacting to the Singapore Summit? Does it make your blood boil when the media tells you that the summit was a total failure? Do you throw things at the TV when Democrats complain about the “amateur” President and his “shaky” foreign policy move? I hate to be the one to tell you this, but we’re just looking in a mirror and seeing a reflection of the worst of ourselves.

Below the Fold


Does anybody remember the news Friday? Is the reason that it is so quickly forgotten simply a fairytale wedding or a tweet from the President? Or are there other reasons why the thing that made so many self-proclaimed “Activists” so… well, active, has already disappeared below the fold?

Our modern social interactions might be one place to start looking. It’s not as “activist” as shouting for gun control or tweeting for mental health care, but the reality is that our thresholds are being lowered by each succeeding event. It is, in effect, a slow-motion riot, as more and more people act on their social impulses without thinking about why they are doing it or the restraints that would normally be imposed.

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