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At Least Somebody Showed Up

“Virtue in a republic is a most simple thing: it is a love of the republic; it is a sensation, and not a consequence of acquired knowledge: a sensation that may be felt by the meanest as well as by the highest person in the state.” – Monteesquieu

Measure-G-logo-smallFor the second time in two years, Modesto voters – at least the ones who bothered to show up yesterday – have rejected Der Mayor’s call for higher taxes and more spending. This time the measure got thumped, 56-44. Already Der Mayor has begun with the veiled threats and innuendo that this time he really means that there will be slashing and cutting retaliations. At least until he buddies in the MPOA and Fire Unions tell him to stop. Perhaps the most telling line from the article is the last one, in which candidates claim that voters were telling them that they simply do not trust City Hall with the money.

That is not likely to change even with three new Council Members being elected yesterday (Kristi Au You, Mani Grewal and Doug Ridenour), as most of the new comers are seen as “insiders,” likely to buddy up with Unions and developers over voters. Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen. But the fact is that the Council of the last four years – and even before that – has given voters all over the area reason after reason to not trust them. Read the rest of this entry


One Man’s Faith

In 1960, the biggest issue in the Presidential election between Vice President Nixon and Senator Kennedy wasn’t the danger of Soviet communism to world peace and stability. It wasn’t poverty, it wasn’t medical care. It was whether or not John Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, would as President, take orders from the Pope or not. In fact, Kennedy had to go out of his way to explain his views on the separation of Church and states as no other Candidate on a Presidential ticket (including Mitt Romney and Joe Lieberman) ever has. With Dr. Ben Carson’s recent comments about a hypothetical Muslim candidate, it brings into focus once again the words that Kennedy used to describe his beliefs and attitudes on the matter or religion and the Oval Office.

The City of Modesto claims that it is so broke that it MUST have $14 Million a year in Measure G Sales Taxes – a general fund tax – which it has described as a “public safety tax,” even though it isn’t. It IS a general fund tax that can and will be spent any way the City Council deems “necessary. Which will – if approved – include a brand new website costing some $120,000. Oh, and $0 of that will be spent in Modesto, Stanislaus County or even California. The company the City wants to spend Measure G General Fund taxes to hire is in Manhattan. Kansas.

Just another reminder… there is no such thing as a temporary tax.

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews. It is also the day the world is yet again, supposed to end, but probably won’t. Certainly didn’t if you’re reading this, and if it did, you won’t see it anyway!


A Shot to the ‘Nads

13-jordany-valdespin.w529.h352.2xDave’s Friday gets off to a weird and painful start when a co-worker makes an observation about his wife, and his son starts playing “Ninja” with his school friends.

Frank Carson is told that he cannot continue to represent a murderer in court while he is still in jail. It’s just more of the circus atmosphere that Carson is both cultivating and wants to create around his own murder case.

There has been a great deal of discussion about the Anchor Baby rules, which is good. The bad part is that some people, among them, leading Talk Radio hosts, are being either intentionally misleading or they are flat out ignorant.  If it’s the latter, then they need to be set straight. If it’s the former – and it is – don’t you have to ask yourself why they are being intentionally misleading? At least one national Chat Show Host keeps claiming that the Supreme Court “has never considered” birthright citizenship. This is untrue, as anybody with research staff and computer can see for themselves.

Modesto has a Homeless problem, so does your city. Modesto also had a Blue Ribbon Commission to find solutions to the problem. So does your city. Of course, that was five years ago, and nothing has changed. Why not? Because the solutions to the problem won’t work. Modesto wants more money to provide “Safer Neighborhoods,” presumably to include less homeless at the parks, and a Judge says that Measure G can go ahead because even if it is bogus it’s too late to get changes to the printer.


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