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Charlotte’s Web

On a special weekend Edition of Plausibly Live, Dave awakens to a recounting of the tale of Charlotte’s Web, which leads to him reading an article about Der Mayor “calling for a Do-Over” for the Wood Colony (where many spiders and probably pigs live) debacle.

MrKq0.So.11Der Mayor says that he is definitely not, no way, no how, despite the fact that he is in a runoff election with the son-of-Satan Republican opponent, doing this for some mere political advantage.

But he is very careful with his language and is in truth, like a spider luring a fly to its web, Pulling a Denham. Even as he speaks, the tanks are still on the borders with Salidavakia…

That’s how Dave’s last Sunday before the Super Bowl gets rolling…

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The Food Show

eating-insectsDave is unimpressed with people who tell him that he needs to eat more bugs.

Chipotle pulls a b.s. move by proclaiming themselves “GMO Free,” except where it costs them too much money.

A US Navy Captain gets relieved… did I tell you guys he had a goat?

Der Mayor preaches Sales Tax again. He still won’t answer any actual questions about where the money is going to go.

And Covered California is broke. Raise your hand if you’re surprised?



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