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A Shot to the ‘Nads

13-jordany-valdespin.w529.h352.2xDave’s Friday gets off to a weird and painful start when a co-worker makes an observation about his wife, and his son starts playing “Ninja” with his school friends.

Frank Carson is told that he cannot continue to represent a murderer in court while he is still in jail. It’s just more of the circus atmosphere that Carson is both cultivating and wants to create around his own murder case.

There has been a great deal of discussion about the Anchor Baby rules, which is good. The bad part is that some people, among them, leading Talk Radio hosts, are being either intentionally misleading or they are flat out ignorant.  If it’s the latter, then they need to be set straight. If it’s the former – and it is – don’t you have to ask yourself why they are being intentionally misleading? At least one national Chat Show Host keeps claiming that the Supreme Court “has never considered” birthright citizenship. This is untrue, as anybody with research staff and computer can see for themselves.

Modesto has a Homeless problem, so does your city. Modesto also had a Blue Ribbon Commission to find solutions to the problem. So does your city. Of course, that was five years ago, and nothing has changed. Why not? Because the solutions to the problem won’t work. Modesto wants more money to provide “Safer Neighborhoods,” presumably to include less homeless at the parks, and a Judge says that Measure G can go ahead because even if it is bogus it’s too late to get changes to the printer.




People are wondering about the eMails that the State Department just found. Duh… This can be explained in a simple phrase: Biden 2016

Frank Carson and his compatriots were arraigned late yesterday, with the star of this whole show already beginning to pull his Carsonisms and his supporters coming right along. He has demanded that he be allowed to continue his law practice – from behind bars. He is currently handling numerous cases, and the overall effect of his attempting to handle these cases, chaos will ensue. Meanwhile, in a fit of self-interest and ego, people who couldn’t get into the crowded courtroom are claiming that it was a closed hearing, creating more of an appearance of a vendetta.

But, of course, that is what Carson wants.

Donald Trump has announced that he personally will end Birthright Citizenship. How he will accomplish this miracle is less clear. Why Conservatives cheer it is even more confusing and once again, can only be explained by using the Angry Birds theory.

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