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A Tax Too Far

There are a lot of things that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. The Pyramids of Giza, the Fjords of Norway, the Lights of Paris, The Mariners win a World Series, the Seattle City Council backing away from a tax so fast it’s dizzying. 

For all of that, one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen now includes the President of the United States shaking hands with the leader of North Korea.

I have no clue who Ankit Panda is, but he’s forcing me to see myself and my own biases in a mirror. Why? Well… he’s already writing (on CNN, of course) that the Trump-Kim Jong-Un summit is a complete and total failure.

The City of Seattle is running away from the Head Tax faster than a vegan who accidentally walks into a McDonalds. Why? Because at the end of the day, when socialist utopian dreams meet the hard cold asphalt of reality, something has to give. While Socialism can and usually does try to force its way, even the City Council of Seattle realized that this time they’d gone a tax too far.


A Single Life’s Worth

Recent celebrity suicides have shaken the news cycle and led to the standard discussions and pretend introspection that we all conduct after such an event. Yet, the CDC tells us that suicide rates are increasing by a factor that they struggle to explain. In other words, the more we talk about it, the more it happens. Why?

Could it be the same lowering of the threshold of acceptability? could it be the way we react to suicide which is less critique and more celebration? What is the message our next generations are getting?

And what exactly are we supposed to do to prevent it? Clearly the whole “Talk to somebody/seek help” campaign is failing…

Google has announced that they will no longer accept Political Advertising in the State of Washington. Supposedly this is because of the lawsuit filed by the Washington State Attorney General against Google (and Facebook) over “transparency” as to who is paying for the ads. More and more, this is going to become the norm. And while on the surface it seems that knowing who pays for an ad is a good thing, the real question is whether or not those organizations that pretty much live on the dollars generated by political advertising can survive.

A US Navy SEAL was killed last week. In Somalia. Again, I am not opposed to “The War on Terror.” I am opposed to the idea that we continue to commit ourselves and our treasure to an ongoing conflict with no strategic goal, no plan beyond body counts, and no national debate or Declaration of War by Congress. What is there in Somalia that was or remains worth a single US life?


Flights of Fancy

A Drunk State Senator

A Drunk State Senator

Good news for Senator Ben Hueso this morning, HE PLED HIS DUI CHARGE DOWN TO A “WET & RECKLESS,” meaning that it will only cost him an $1100 fine and three years probation. The good Senator gets this deal after trying to murder people in the streets of Sacramento after a booze party at your Capitol during which he was photographed and tweeted holding booze and schmoozing with his fellow lawmakers on the Capitol balcony. He then got into his car, knowing that he had been drinking, and proceeded to drive our streets with complete and utter disregard for the safety, lives and property of the very citizens he swore an oath to protect. Don’t worry though… he’s better than you. I am also certain that as a member of the Transportation and Housing Committee, he will be certain to do whatever he can to help rid our streets permanently of people who drink and drive. Perhaps as a part of his duties for the Education Committee, he can attend an “Every 15 Minutes” program or two, and contemplate just how stupid of a thing he did? Of course he will, because he’s the peoples servant, don’t ya know…? Read the rest of this entry

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