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Top 5 Assassination Conspiracy Theories

Top 5 Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories

(1) Cigarette Man (X-Files)

(2) 2nd Autopsy (Best Evidence, David Lifton)

(3) Life Magazine Zapruder Film Printing Out of Order

(4) JFK (Oliver Stone)

(5) The Tea Party Did It!


Because they Are Hard

Look, I get that John Kennedy was not a perfect man, few politicians are perfect. Because – as it turns out – pretty much nobody is. But the more I study this guy, the more I get to understand how he saw the world and the place of our Nation in that world, the more I appreciate him as a President. A man who – like Reagan – understood peace through strength, he also found the courage and skill for the atmospheric test ban at a time when such tests weren’t as much scientific as political. His position on tax cuts mirrors my own, and while he wasn’t able to cut the marginal rates to Reagan levels, he did cut them by as much as 30%. How much more could he have accomplished? The truth is that most two term Presidents invariably have problems of their own making in the second term, and I doubt that Kennedy would have been any different. But for me, John F. Kennedy will always remain the President of my birth – and the man who inspired a nation to do something never done before by mankind. His words ring today, from asking us to do what we can for our country, to my favorite, that we choose to go to the moon AND DO THE OTHER THINGS, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

Still looking for your best Kennedy theory. For the record, I am a pretty solid “Oswald acted alone guy,” but I am willing to listen to reasonable theories. Drop me an eMail and let me know if you’ve got a solid theory about what happened.

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