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Loose Change

The 2015 MAMA’s Comedy Division race is heating up. You can vote for your favorite Comic HERE


The City of Modesto “found” another $3.15 Million in the cushions of Der Mayor’s couch… or they were padding the expenses and reducing the income. either way, the money is a reminder that Measure G is a scam and most importantly NOT a “Public safety Tax,” it’s a revenue increase for a City that doesn’t seem all that keen on keeping good books to begin with.

In looking at the Kaufmann Murder case, it is important to remember that getting away with murder is not as difficult as it seems. Through the years, a number of people have, including Robert Blake and OJ Simpson, who were high profile, but some others did it as well. It’s not just a matter of money, it’s a matter of getting publicity and people to believe you. It should be hard for the DA to get the conviction, and believe me, in this case it’s going to be…

The 9th Circuit Court today sits in a Three Judge Panel to hear the appeal of the Jones Case, in which a Santa Ana Judge struck down California’s Death Penalty as Unconstitutional. At issue is whether or not it takes too long to execute a prisoner in the State, and whether or not that is violation of the 8th Amendment. The problem is that California WANTS it to take a very long time.

The 2016 Race is getting weird. Clinton is not going down over eMails because she has been very, and I mean VERY careful about what she actually says about them. Plus the use of these eMails is a double edged sword for the White House. Trump says that he will make an announcement “very soon” about whether or not he’ll make a 3rd Party run. And Chris Christie announced his first Cabinet member choice to solve Illegal immigration.

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Let’s Talk about Sex. And Football. But Mostly Sex…

Editors NOTE: Obviously… Adult Themes and Material on the show today…

In an surprise announcement, the DBFL is Back for 2015! want to play? Then eMail Dave today!

The Plastic Bieber is found dead in a Motel 6. Did the Bieber Mafia get to him? More to the point, who in the world gave this guy $100,000 to go and look like Bieber?

redA recent blog posts claims that 400 Pastors and other Church Leaders nationwide will resign this weekend over the Ashley Madison affair. What’s the real problem though? A web site that facilitates sex or the unwillingness of our society to even talk about sex?

The latest on the Kaufmann Murder has Woody moved to another jail as he “cooperates” with the Prosecution. Kaufmann’s body may have been mutilated in an attempt to hide his identity. The problem is that won’t work. Meanwhile the attempt to make a circus of the proceedings continues. Dave sees some odd similarities between Frank Carson and Vester Flannigan, the Virginia shooter. Both of them are utterly incapable of accepting any responsibility for their own actions. And the more we learn about the Virginia killer and his personality, the less surprised we are by his actions.

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Keeping My Back to the Wall

hero_wide_640This morning’s news of a deadly shooting in Roanoke, VA has the entire country on edge and chatting. But when did we reach the point where killing another human being became a rationale response to our own problems?

The Judge in the Kaufmann Murder has denied bail to Frank Carson and the two Atwal brothers. Recent developments include the news that Kaufmann’s body was initially buried in a field next to the Pop’N’Cork Store owned by the brothers. And while Carson continues to proclaim his innocence, is it reasonable to conclude that he has absolutely no knowledge or information about a murder that happened on his property? If he really is innocent, why is he working so hard to obscure the matter rather than help solve it?

Stephen Hawking has a new theory about Black Holes and it’s mind blowing. Or at least very confusing, in a “I’m not a scientists and don’t even play one on TV” kinda way. But at the end of the day, it reminds us that every human life matters and the bigger the universe gets, the more special each life is.

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