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It’s a nuclear meltdown!

Apparently, it’s the end of the world because Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed. It’s not, and it’s really just a very small portion of the population that’s tweeting that he should be murdered. they are loud and they are obnoxious, but there’s only a small number of them.

Meanwhile, Conservative activists are just as stupid. Stop with the post about Justice Ginsberg “forgetting” the 14th amendment. She didn’t, and if you had actually watched the video instead of just reading the headline you would know that not only did she NOT forget it, you don’t know the relevant text word for word either.

Stormy Daniels brought her “act” to Sacramento. In addition to the usual collection of creepy old dudes giving her money to “dance” for them, half of the audience was women. They came (Phrasing!) to “support” her for having been paid for having sex with the President when he wasn’t the President.

A new United Nations report says that we must double our efforts to combat Climate Change. In Five Billion years nobody will care.


Justice Antonin Scalia (1936-2016)

Pat the Lawyer from Lawless Chat joins Dave to talk about the life, legacy and replacement of Senior Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, who died on Saturday while on a hunting trip to Texas.

Part 1

In Part 1 of today’s discussion, Dave and Pat talk about Justice Scalia and his legacy. They also get to some of the issues related to replacing him, which is shaping up to be the biggest political issue in the Presidential Election. The question is, what should the Republican strategy be?

Download 150x150PART 2

In Part 2 of today’s show, Dave and Pat look for the answer to the question of what the GOP strategy should be. It includes a brief look at a couple for potential nominees and the realization that 2016 is bigger than one Justice on the Supreme Court. So, should the GOP fight the longer battle or is the next nominee the hill they want to die on?

Download 150x150

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Build a Nation of Mushrooms!


Cyberspace Administration of China Choral Group

Yes… it’s Friday and the North Koreans are celebrating their 70th Anniversary while China sings the praises of internet censorship!

The City of Modesto managed to find a big old pile of money, whatever will they spend it on?

The US embassy in Yemen was evacuated on Wednesday, most Americans have no clue where Yemen even is, let alone why we left. But the controversy comes from the way the USMC Guards left.

We now know why Justice Ginsberg “fell asleep” at the State of the Union, and are you a Post-Vietnam Vet? Dave’s got a request for you.

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