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Meme Madness

There is some good news today – the “experts” have decided that they now know what happened to MH-370 which disappeared in 2014. They still don’t know where it is, but they announced they know what happened.

If you need to post memes that make up stuff about political figures that isn’t true to show that you dislike political figures, then you have failed to think and have completely failed as a voice for Conservatism.

The Supreme Court has struck down the ban on Sports Betting. This may or may not turn out to be a meaningful thing, but one thing is for certain, anybody who bets on Regular season NBA games is a fool.

Seattle has decided to only steal, sorry, tax, successful businesses $275 a job instead of $500 a job. They still have no plan for what to do with the money, just broad ideas, none of which will actually “solve” homelessness or the affordable housing shortage.


Water Witches

ID Blood Relatives copyInvestigation Discovery’s latest episode of “Blood Relatives,” takes a look back at a famous Central Valley crime. Oh, they featured a Central Valley media personality discussing the crime. It’s on tonight… just say’n…

Up since 4am, Dave launches at the people who sent him eMails claiming that John McCain started the fire aboard USS Forrestal.

dowseraThe Drought has become a permanent political event in California. Regardless of how strong or how many El Niño’s we have, there is too much political power to be gained and too much money to be made from having a permanent drought in the State. Which, of course, leads to increased instances of “Water Witching,” or Dowsers, who take people money and raise their hopes by pretending to find water using two sticks and a mystical attitude.

The Lt. Governor (we do have one!) is a guy by the name of Gavin Newsome. He is running for Governor in 2018 and wants to legalize marijuana. But before you get all excited about that, you should understand that he is NOT a free market guy. He has no interest in you being able to buy marijuana unfettered and untaxed.

The White House orders the Flags lowered to Half-mast, and it turns out that at least two of the men killed by the PLRI Terrorist were in fact armed and did return fire.

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War Hero or War Zero?

Editors Note: Dave is unusually passionate in this episode, which means STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE is used. If you are offended by salty sailor speech, you’ll probably want to skip this episode…

McCainThe Donald stirred the pot again this past weekend when he said that Senator John McCain is “a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured, okay?”

Begin a weekends worth of the arguments from those who support Trump and those who are outraged by his comments. But, like most things, in all the brouhaha, the real issue is being ignored which remains, what is there in Donald Trumps history that is convincing Conservatives to support him?

What defines a “war hero” anyway? Dave has two personal “war heroes” that would not have met Donald Trump’s criteria.  Should a man with a draft deferment and later an undraftable high lottery number really be questioning anybody’s service record? Were the men at Bataan not war heroes? What about Wake Island?

When all is said and done, John McCain flew 23 combat missions over North Vietnam. Donald Trump flew precisely zero, while taking advantage of his Daddy’s patronage for personal gain.

Should the Flag at the White House be at half-mast for the victims of the Chattanooga attack?

This show’s bumpers are from the Top 5 of October 27, 1967, the week that a Navy pilot was shot down over North Vietnam while the son of a real estate mogul was soaking his bone spurs at “the prestigious” Wharton Business School…

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